Chandlers Ford Online Tournament 2nd June

Chandlers Ford Chess Club Tournament Tuesday 2nd June

The next Chandlers Ford Chess Club online tournament on is on Tuesday evening, 2nd June. Like last Tuesday, this will run for one hour 8-9pm. It is a Rapid play event of ten minutes per player per game in an Arena format.

How to join the Tournament

If you are already on lichess and have joined the Chandlers Ford Chess Club there, then simply go to the Tournament and click Join. You can do this any time from now, the Tournament is already set up.

If you haven’t already registered on, then sign up, using a Username of your choice. Then join Chandlers Ford Chess Club group on lichess. Once you’ve clicked Join, bear in mind there’s a chess-themed ‘CAPTCHA’ puzzle (simple, only one move, just to prove you’re human) just down the screen. Do that and click to finish. Membership requires Admin approval (Kev Lamb or Graham Stuart).

Further Information on Arena Tournaments

All the information you could wish for, taken from the description of ‘Arena’ Tournaments (all this is visible lower on the Tournament Screen):

You will be notified when the tournament starts, so it is safe to play in another tab while waiting.

Is it rated?

This tournament is rated and will affect your rating.

How are scores calculated?

A win has a base score of 2 points, a draw 1 point, and a loss is worth no points.
If you win two games consecutively you will start a double point streak, represented by a flame icon.
The following games will continue to be worth double points until you fail to win a game.
That is, a win will be worth 4 points, a draw 2 points, and a loss will still not award any points.

For example, two wins followed by a draw will be worth 6 points: 2 + 2 + (2 x 1)

Arena Berserk

When a player clicks the Berserk button at the beginning of the game, they lose half of their clock time, but the win is worth one extra tournament point.

Going Berserk in time controls with an increment also cancels the increment (1+2 is an exception, it gives 1+0).

Berserk is not available for games with zero initial time (0+1, 0+2).

Berserk only grants an extra point if you play at least 7 moves in the game.

How is the winner decided?

The player(s) with the most points at the conclusion of the tournament’s set time limit will be announced winner(s).

When two or more players have the same number of points, the tournament performance is the tie break.

How does the pairing work?

At the beginning of the tournament, players are paired based on their rating.
As soon as you finish a game, return to the tournament lobby: you will then be paired with a player close to your ranking. This ensures minimum wait time, however you may not face all other players in the tournament.
Play fast and return to the lobby to play more games and win more points.

How does it end?

The tournament has a countdown clock. When it reaches zero, the tournament rankings are frozen, and the winner is announced. Games in progress must be finished, however they don’t count for the tournament.

Other important rules

There is a countdown for your first move. Failing to make a move within this time will forfeit the game to your opponent.

Drawing the game within the first 10 moves will earn neither player any points.

Draw streaks: When a player has consecutive draws in an arena, only the first draw will result in a point, or draws lasting more than 30 moves. The draw streak can only be broken by a win, not a loss or a draw.

Summer Tournament 2020

The Chandlers Ford Chess Club 2020 Summer Tournament begins!

The shiny Kooner Cup
The Kooner Cup and replica , the Summer Tournament’s Prize

Tournament organiser Malcolm Clarke has made the draw for the 1st Round of the Tournament. This year of course things will be different, with no over-the-board games at the club due to COVID-19 lockdown.

Even though we are locked down chess can still be played: many club players have already experienced online chess games now, and so playing their Summer Tournament games will be no problem. We can simply arrange a mutually convenient time with our opponent, and get online, to say or, and play there. The online platforms have time controls that can be set to suit the players, so the 90 minutes each that we are used to over the board can be set for the game online.

There are other methods that players could consider, such as playing by email or text, with a board and pieces set up in the players’ homes, and pieces moved when the text or email arrives. There may be other methods people could think of too, although playing online is an excellent way of doing it as the time control is kept automatically.

Round 1 Pairings

Peter PrzybycinKeven Lamb
Don CreaseyPhil Overton
James DaasRob Strachan
Steve SaundersSam Murphy
Nobby GeorgeSteve Dunleavy
Ian ParkerMaha Chandar
Rob SimsRose Saunders
Bye – John Kooner

Results for 2nd Online Tournament 26th May 2020

Results of the second Club online Tournament 26th May

We held our second online chess club Tournament last night, Tuesday 26th May, on Eleven of us played. I Hope you all enjoyed the Tournament.

Congratulations to Carouselman (Don) who came 1st.

Well done to WillHeSac (Graham)who came second, and CFCC-Phil (Phil Overton)who came third.

COVID-19 Checkmate raises estimated £10,000

The English Chess Federation tournament on over the weekend, COVID-19 Checkmate, in aid of the British Red Cross, raised an estimated £10,000. It was a 24-hour Tournament, in which you could enter, dip in and out of, and return to whenever you liked over the 24 hours.

Over various playing sessions I played 50 games in all (24 on the 23rd, 26 on the next day). Of those, I won 12, drew one – and lost 37, coming 210th out of 459 players…

Kev Lamb

Club Tournament online Tuesday 26th at 8pm

Just a reminder that there is an online tournament tomorrow evening Tuesday 26th May, at 8pm. It is on, for members of the Chandlers Ford Chess Club. The event is an Arena format, as many games as can fit into the hour. Time control is ten minutes per player each game.

How to join

Register on if you haven’t already.

Join Chandlers Ford Chess Club ‘Team’ (group/club) on if you haven’t already.

Join the Arena (tournament). This is for this particular event.


Online chess update: 23rd-27th May 2020

A roundup of what’s happening in the next few days – and what’s not.

What’s not. The weekly Play Chess for the NHS event on isn’t happening now. They ran 4 events in all.

What is:

The Checkmate Covid-19 marathon in aid of the British Red Cross 

There will be a charity chess event starting tomorrow for 24 hours Saturday 23rd May on The English Chess Federation is holding a 24 hour chess marathon in aid of the Red Cross, from 5pm Saturday to 5pm Sunday. The games are 5 minutes per player. Here’s the announcement on is delighted to be supporting the English Chess Federation’s 24-hour online chess marathon this weekend in aid of the British Red Cross.

Please help to make this event a great success by being part of the tournament. The more players the better. Entry is free, but if you donate over £5 you are eligible to win one of the numerous prizes. Join the tournament, and who knows, you might get paired against the likes of participants like GM Michael Adams, GM Gawain Jones, GM Matthew Sadler or GM Simon Williams!

Joining is easy. Please register now via

The ECF Checkmate Covid-19 page gives more details:

What is it?
A 24-hour chess marathon of 5 minute a side games. All funds raised go to the British Red Cross and their work fighting the effects of the coronavirus.

It starts at 5pm (UK time) on Saturday 23rd May.

Who can play?
Anyone who is a member of and the Club is welcome to play. The Club is open to all (you do not need to be a member of the ECF). Please join. The more players the merrier. You can play as many or as few games as you like over the course of the 24 hours.

You do not have to donate (although it would be very much appreciated). Note: to win one of the prizes you need to have donated at least £5. The ‘physical’ prizes, for example, signed books, are only open to those with UK addresses.

How do I join?
Once you are a member of the ECF Open group on mentioned above, please register at One hour before the tournament starts you will be able to join at

How can I donate?
Everyone can donate at Please note that if you are playing in the tournament and donating we prefer that you donate via the registration form mentioned above so that we can easily match your username so that you are eligible for prizes.

Chandlers Ford Chess Club Tournament Tuesday 26th May

Over on there is our own club tournament on Tuesday evening, 26th May. Like last Tuesday, this will run for one hour 8-9pm, games ten minutes per player per game in an Arena format.

How to join the Chandlers Ford Chess Club Tournament

Register on if you haven’t yet joined lichess.

Join Chandlers Ford Chess Club ‘Team’ (group/club) on – if you aren’t a member yet.

Join the Arena (tournament).

Ringwood Chess Club Blitz Tournaments

Also on there are the regular Ringwood chess club open tournaments:

Wednesday 7:30 – 830: Theme Opening or variant Chess
Wednesday 8:45 – 9:45 Open Blitz (3 minutes + 3 seconds)
Friday 2:00 – 3:30 Open Blitz (5 minutes + 3 seconds)
Saturday 2:00 – 3:30 Open Blitz (5 minutes + 3 seconds)are played on Wednesday evenings

To participate in their events, join their club Ringwood Chess Tournaments on (await approval) .

Online Club Tournament Results

The first Chandlers Ford Chess Club online tournament was held last night, Tuesday 19th May, on Thanks to everyone who took part.

The format was an ‘Arena’ tournament in which players are paired automatically, and lasted an hour. The time control was ten minutes per player per game (Rapid play).

Ten players participated in this first tournament – a very encouraging level of participation.

Congratulations to Phil Overton on winning the tournament! Well done too, to Sam Murphy at 2nd place, and Rob Sims 3rd.

Players seemed to enjoy the tournament, so a new one has been set up for next week, 8pm Tuesday 26th: Arena 26th May. See you there!

Kev Lamb

Club online tournament tomorrow 19th May

Just a reminder that there is an online tournament tomorrow evening Tuesday 19th May, at 8pm. It is on, for members of the Chandlers Ford Chess Club. The event is an Arena format, as many games as can fit into the hour. Time control is ten minutes per player each game.

How to join

Register on

Join Chandlers Ford Chess Club ‘Team’ (group/club) on

Join the Arena (tournament).


Summer Tournament

Malcolm Clarke’s hopes for chess online – at club and county, in his latest press article.

picture of picture of article

Despite the lockdown Chandlers Ford chess club still hopes to run it’s popular summer tournament again this year, with the most likely scenario being that the majority of games will be played online and several players have expressed an interest in playing.

The number of online chess events continues to grow and the English Chess Federation is trying to introduce an online county championship.  It is early days yet, but Hampshire is already making enquiries even if there is no compulsion to enter and it could provide opportunities for those who never played county chess over the board to represent the county.

Online Club Tournament: Tuesday 19th May

Online chess has become increasingly popular because of the Covid-19 health crisis closing down over-the-board chess for the moment.

Chandlers Ford Chess Club players have taken to various online platforms, including and

Both online chess hosts enable games of various lengths to be played, and both can host online tournaments.

A rapid play tournament for the Chandlers Ford Chess Club has been set up on I opted for that host as we already have a Club group there which Graham set up, currently with 10 members.

The Tournament is set for next Tuesday, 19th May 2020, at 8pm, and will run for one hour. Games will be ten minutes for each player, with no additional increment. Once your game ends you get paired again, and so on until the hour is up. It is available for Chandlers Ford Chess Club lichess team members, so if you’d like to play, register on lichess, then join the Chandlers Ford Chess Club ‘team’ . Then on Tuesday join the fun at Chandlers Ford Arena tournament!

The winner will be announced on this website and on our Facebook Group. No prizes I’m afraid…

How to join the tournament

  1. Register on
  2. Join Chandlers Ford Chess Club on
  3. Join the Chandlers Ford Arena tournament.

Next Play Chess For The NHS charity tournament tomorrow Saturday 9th May

Last week I played in the Play Chess for the NHS charity tournament on Two players from our club entered, myself and Maha. And Maha won last week!

The time control is Blitz– 10 minutes per player per game in a one-hour event, so you’d expect up to 3 games in that time. This could be more if your games are completed in shorter time: there are no rounds, so you get paired after each game, with as many games as you can fit in one hour.

The organisers have a Just Giving page (Mike Hill, fundraising for NHS Together) for voluntary donations of any amount. A good cause! I will be playing again tomorrow, 9th May: the events are each Saturday 2pm for one hour, on

Kev Lamb