Online Club Tournament Results

The first Chandlers Ford Chess Club online tournament was held last night, Tuesday 19th May, on Thanks to everyone who took part.

The format was an ‘Arena’ tournament in which players are paired automatically, and lasted an hour. The time control was ten minutes per player per game (Rapid play).

Ten players participated in this first tournament – a very encouraging level of participation.

Congratulations to Phil Overton on winning the tournament! Well done too, to Sam Murphy at 2nd place, and Rob Sims 3rd.

Players seemed to enjoy the tournament, so a new one has been set up for next week, 8pm Tuesday 26th: Arena 26th May. See you there!

Kev Lamb

3 thoughts on “Online Club Tournament Results”

  1. I really enjoyed the tournament – I wonder if we can stretch to 90 minutes for the next one? Congratulations to Phil and it should also be noted that Sam won all his games, but just played less games in the time. Rob played a very nice game against me as well in the last round, winning a long game. Looking forward to hopefully doing better next week.

    1. Thanks Graham. I’ve already set the next one up, and that’s for 60 minutes, but I could set the following one up for 90 minutes.

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