Online Club Tournament: Tuesday 19th May

Online chess has become increasingly popular because of the Covid-19 health crisis closing down over-the-board chess for the moment.

Chandlers Ford Chess Club players have taken to various online platforms, including and

Both online chess hosts enable games of various lengths to be played, and both can host online tournaments.

A rapid play tournament for the Chandlers Ford Chess Club has been set up on I opted for that host as we already have a Club group there which Graham set up, currently with 10 members.

The Tournament is set for next Tuesday, 19th May 2020, at 8pm, and will run for one hour. Games will be ten minutes for each player, with no additional increment. Once your game ends you get paired again, and so on until the hour is up. It is available for Chandlers Ford Chess Club lichess team members, so if you’d like to play, register on lichess, then join the Chandlers Ford Chess Club ‘team’ . Then on Tuesday join the fun at Chandlers Ford Arena tournament!

The winner will be announced on this website and on our Facebook Group. No prizes I’m afraid…

How to join the tournament

  1. Register on
  2. Join Chandlers Ford Chess Club on
  3. Join the Chandlers Ford Arena tournament.

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