Online chess update: 23rd-27th May 2020

A roundup of what’s happening in the next few days – and what’s not.

What’s not. The weekly Play Chess for the NHS event on isn’t happening now. They ran 4 events in all.

What is:

The Checkmate Covid-19 marathon in aid of the British Red Cross 

There will be a charity chess event starting tomorrow for 24 hours Saturday 23rd May on The English Chess Federation is holding a 24 hour chess marathon in aid of the Red Cross, from 5pm Saturday to 5pm Sunday. The games are 5 minutes per player. Here’s the announcement on is delighted to be supporting the English Chess Federation’s 24-hour online chess marathon this weekend in aid of the British Red Cross.

Please help to make this event a great success by being part of the tournament. The more players the better. Entry is free, but if you donate over £5 you are eligible to win one of the numerous prizes. Join the tournament, and who knows, you might get paired against the likes of participants like GM Michael Adams, GM Gawain Jones, GM Matthew Sadler or GM Simon Williams!

Joining is easy. Please register now via

The ECF Checkmate Covid-19 page gives more details:

What is it?
A 24-hour chess marathon of 5 minute a side games. All funds raised go to the British Red Cross and their work fighting the effects of the coronavirus.

It starts at 5pm (UK time) on Saturday 23rd May.

Who can play?
Anyone who is a member of and the Club is welcome to play. The Club is open to all (you do not need to be a member of the ECF). Please join. The more players the merrier. You can play as many or as few games as you like over the course of the 24 hours.

You do not have to donate (although it would be very much appreciated). Note: to win one of the prizes you need to have donated at least £5. The ‘physical’ prizes, for example, signed books, are only open to those with UK addresses.

How do I join?
Once you are a member of the ECF Open group on mentioned above, please register at One hour before the tournament starts you will be able to join at

How can I donate?
Everyone can donate at Please note that if you are playing in the tournament and donating we prefer that you donate via the registration form mentioned above so that we can easily match your username so that you are eligible for prizes.

Chandlers Ford Chess Club Tournament Tuesday 26th May

Over on there is our own club tournament on Tuesday evening, 26th May. Like last Tuesday, this will run for one hour 8-9pm, games ten minutes per player per game in an Arena format.

How to join the Chandlers Ford Chess Club Tournament

Register on if you haven’t yet joined lichess.

Join Chandlers Ford Chess Club ‘Team’ (group/club) on – if you aren’t a member yet.

Join the Arena (tournament).

Ringwood Chess Club Blitz Tournaments

Also on there are the regular Ringwood chess club open tournaments:

Wednesday 7:30 – 830: Theme Opening or variant Chess
Wednesday 8:45 – 9:45 Open Blitz (3 minutes + 3 seconds)
Friday 2:00 – 3:30 Open Blitz (5 minutes + 3 seconds)
Saturday 2:00 – 3:30 Open Blitz (5 minutes + 3 seconds)are played on Wednesday evenings

To participate in their events, join their club Ringwood Chess Tournaments on (await approval) .

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