Knockout Round 1 Draw

The 2022 Knockout Round 1 draw has been made, now that the Preliminary Round’s record 26 entrants have been whittled down to the 16 players who begin Round 1.

C Team Captain Steve Dunleavy at home match against Basingstoke C 1st March 2022
Knockout Tournament 2022 organiser Steve Dunleavy

Knockout 2022 Round 1

Steve SaundersNobby George
Graham StuartMike Henbury
Steve DunleavyJohn Kooner
Ewan CaveKeith Gregory
Dick MeredithLee Mundy
Joseph HenburyPeter Przybycin
Keven LambDavid Culliford
John PellegriniRob Sims
Knockout Round 1

Knockout Rules recap

  1. The name drawn first plays with white
  2. In the event of a draw the players must play again (within the stipulated time period-13/7 if possible) with the colours reversed
  3. Clocks to be set at 90 minutes for both players
  4. All games to be played over the board at the club other than mike Henbury who can play his games on line (e.g.
  5. All results will be sent for grading
  6. The deadline date to play your games is the 13th July 2022 (club nights 21/6,28/6,5/7,12/7 + 1 day)
  7. All results to be emailed to me Steve Dunleavy as soon as your game has been played
  8. Please let me know if for any reason an extension of time to complete the game is required (as with Sam murphy and Mike Henbury in the preliminary round).

Steve Dunleavy

League AGM will be on Tuesday 14th June

The Southampton Chess League will hold its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 14th June 2022 – at our club’s venue, the Chandler’s Ford Central Club. The SCL AGM will start at 7:30pm.

SCL AGM Agenda

SCL AGM 14th June. Southampton Chess League EGM, Tuesday 14 June 2022, 7.30pm, Chandlers Ford Central Club (2 Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 2FZ)


  1. Welcome Thanks to Chandlers Ford club for hosting us.
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of previous EGM (13 October 2021) and matters arising
  4. Secretary / Fixture Secretary reports
  5. Treasurer Report and League Subs See statement below to be done, prepared by Fraser McLeod who is acting as interim treasurer as no one else has offered to take on the role since Robin Williams stood down.
  6. Website Robin Williams wishes to stand down from the webmaster role. He advises that now the website is set up it requires minimal effort to maintain.
  7. Grading
  8. Election of officers – The roles of treasurer and webmaster are vacant. We will likely need a new Chairperson as we understand that Chris Priest has been in poor health. Matthew Coldwell (Vice-chair) may wish to take this role (to be confirmed). Malcolm Clarke and Fraser McLeod are willing to continue as Fixtures Sec and League Sec, respectively. Roger Marsh (Grading Officer) is willing to continue in this role despite no longer living in the area.
  9. Proposals
  10. Planning for the next season
    a) Do we want a full season, i.e. from October to May?
    b) Do we want 5-board matches instead of 4 in top divisions?
    c) How many teams does each club want to field?
    1. League structure – tentatively place teams into five divisions. The SCL committee hope that we will have more teams than this season and that this may avoid relegations this season.
  1. Trophy presentations
    Note: Robertson Cup, Individual and Rapidplay competitions were not held this season. See League winners table below for 2018-9 and 2022:
Division2018-9 winner2022 winner
1Ringwood AFareham A
2Hamble BSalisbury A
3Ringwood BBasingstoke A
4Salisbury CFareham B
5Ringwood CBasingstoke C
Trophy winners 20218-9 and 2022

12. Any other business
How the 2022 (half)-season ended: see table above for Division winners. Click the button below to go to the SCL Website to see the Division Tables for full fixtures and results:

Chandler’s Ford Secretary Honoured at Previous SCL Meeting

Our Club Secretary Malcolm Clarke was awarded League and Club Trophies for his long service at last year’s meeting, which was in October 2021.

Malcolm Clarke receives League and Club Awards at SCL EGM 13 October 2021
Photo from last year’s SCL EGM. Malcolm Clarke with his League and Club Awards 13 October 2021, presented by SCL President Gillian Moore. Photo: Mansa Chandar.

2022 Chandler’s Ford Season Review

Graham Stuart has compiled an excellent review of Chandler’s Ford Chess Club’s 2022 season, and analyses the performances of each of our club’s League teams. Click below to see his Review.

Summer Tournament 2022 Begins

The Summer Tournament 2022 begins as its organiser Malcolm Clarke announces the player pairings for the first Round.

The Summer Tournament runs during the summer, and is a 5-round Swiss format between May and September. Usually in the Summer Tournaments, the winner’s name is engraved on the Kooner Cup and receives a replica of the Cup. The organiser is Malcolm Clarke.

The Summer Tournament trophy - the Kooner Cup
The Summer Tournament trophy – the Kooner Cup

The Summer Tournament is usually 5, but sometimes 6 Rounds over the summer months – about a month per Round. The winner receives the Kooner Cup for a year and usually gets to keep a replica. The games are standard play in terms of time control, 90 minutes each player.

Click on the button below to see the Summer Tournament 2022 Page:

Round 1 Pairings

Keith GregoryJohn Kooner
Lee MundyIwan Cave
Graham StuartIan Parker
Rob StrachanPeter Przybycin
David CullifordAlan Weaver
Steve SaundersSam Murphy
Mike HenburySteve Dunleavy
Geoff ParishRob Sims
Nobby GeorgeRose Saunders
John PellegriniKeven Lamb
Round 1

Summer Tournament 2022 Rules

  • The Games are 90 minutes all moves per player.
  • When the Round Pairings are announced, the first-named plays as white.
  • Notify Malcolm Clarke of the results.
Summer Tournament prize: the Kooner Cup
Summer Tournament prize: the Kooner Cup