2021 Knock-out Round 3

Tournament organiser Steve Dunleavy announces the draw for Round 3 of the Club’s 2021 Knock-out Tournament, and gives the results of Round 2.

Knock Out Trophy
Knock Out Trophy

The Chandler’s Ford Chess Club Knock-out Tournament is one of two club tournaments currently running, the other one being the Summer Tournament. Round 2 of the Knock-Out Tournament has been completed, and 4 players remain. The draw for Round 3 (the semi-finals) has been made. The games have a time control of 90 minutes per player, and can be played online at lichess.org or over-the-board. The Knock-Out Tournament is organised by Steve Dunleavy.

Round 2 Results

Dick MeredithSam Murphy1-0
Peter PrzybycinGraham Stuart1-0
Rob StrachanMaha Chandar0-1
Dean ShawMike Henbury0-1
2021 Knock-out Round 2

Knock-out Round 3 (the Semi-Finals) Pairings

The draw for Round 3 (semi-finals) has been made. All games should be completed by 15th August.

  1.                Peter Przybycin vs  Dick Meredith
  2.                Mike Henbury vs Maha Chandar

Knock-out Tournament Rules / guidelines recap

1)the player named first plays with white

2) games can be played either on lichess or over the board (both players’ clocks being set at 90 minutes)

3) in the event of a draw you can either play a rapid play on the same night (duration to be agreed between both players) or arrange another 90 minute game (please let me know if you need an extension of time)

4) the rules of chess must be followed ie no move retakes if playing on lichess

5) all games to be played within 3 weeks of today i.e. 15th August. Please let me know if you need an extension of time (to fit in any replays or otherwise)

6) please let me know when you arrange to play so that I can monitor progress and give me the result asap after it has been determined

7) please let me know if you have any problems contacting your opponent and I will do my best to help out

8) finally enjoy your games

Steve Dunleavy

Summer Tournament 2021 Round 3 Draw

The 2021 Summer Tournament is one of two tournaments currently running in the Chandler’s Ford Chess Club (the Summer Tournament and the Knock-out Tournament). Round 2 of the Summer Tournament has now been completed, and event organiser Malcolm Clarke has announced the Summer Tournament 2021 Round 3 draw. See below for the Round 2 results in full, Round 3 Pairings list, and a quick recap of the rules.

Round 2 Results

Keven Lamb0-1Keith Gregory
Graham Stuart0-1Rob Sims
David Culliford1-0Steve Dunleavy
Dean Shaw0-1Peter Przybycin
Rob Strachan0-1Geoffrey Parish
Dick Meredith0-1Sam Murphy
Mike Henbury1-0Maha Chandar
Steve Saunders0-1John Kooner
Rose Saunders0-1Patrick Pavey
Nobby George0.5–bye
Summer Tournament 2021 Round 2

Full details of each Round’s results can be seen on the table on the Summer Tournament Page which will be updated as the tournament progresses.

Summer Tournament 2021 Round 3 Pairings

  • Keith Gregory v David Culliford
  • Rob Sims v Peter Przybycin
  • Geoffrey Parish v Graham Stuart
  • Patrick Pavey v Mike Henbury
  • Sam Murphy v Dean Shaw
  • Steve Dunleavy v Keven Lamb
  • John Kooner v Rob Strachan
  • Nobby George v Dick Meredith
  • Maha Chandar v Steve Saunders
  • Rose Saunders – Bye

Tournament Rules and outline

The Summer Tournament is organised and run by Malcolm Clarke. The Summer Tournament is usually 5, but sometimes 6 Rounds over the summer months. Each Round is usually completed within a few weeks. The winner receives the Kooner Cup for a year and usually gets to keep a replica.

  • The Games are 90 minutes all moves per player.
  • When the Round Pairings are announced, the first-named plays as white.
  • The games can be played online at lichess.org.
  • Notify Malcolm Clarke of the results.
The Summer Tournament trophy - the Kooner Cup
The Summer Tournament trophy – the Kooner Cup

Hampshire Juniors Win Online Team Battle

Congratulations to the Hampshire Junior Chess team on winning a 10-team online Team Battle! Convincingly: they finished well ahead of their nearest rivals.

Hampshire Juniors Win Team Battle

Hampshire Junior Chess Association team won a big Juniors tournament on Monday 5th July 2021.

Ten teams from across the country registered for the online event on lichess.org, and the Hampshire Junior Chess Association is one of them. 68 players participated.

19th Inter-County Division 2 Team Battle

The event was online on lichess.org, and the format a Team Battle. Basically, the individuals’ scores count towards their respective teams in an online tournament. The time control is in the blitz category: quick games of 5+3 (5minutes per player per game, plus a 3-second increment for each move made). With a tournament length of an hour and a half, quite an intense event requiring a lot of concentration and quick decisions in every game.

Hampshire Juniors win Team Battle: the 19th Inter-County Division 2.
The event, online on lichess.org, was a Team Battle Arena of Blitz games.
Team Battle 5th July: Tournament statistics

Hampshire Juniors in online events

The Hampshire Junior Chess Association team have had a series of events on lichess.org. These were various Team Battles, including the regular Saturday Afternoon Event Team Battles, plus 3-County Team Battles (for example, Hampshire v Dorset v Berkshire).

Their next event is a Saturday Afternoon Event Team Battle, on Saturday 17th July 2021. Hampshire is currently one of 4 Counties signed up for the event, the others being Devon, Berkshire, and Dorset. The time control for the 2-hour event is 10+5 (ten minutes per player per game, plus 5 seconds per move).

Good luck Hampshire Juniors!