Summer Tournament

2020 Summer Tournament

The 2020 Summer Tournament will seem a strange one in the time of COID-19 social distancing. But essentially, the core aspects remain the same: players will be paired against each other in a series of Rounds over the summer months, vying for the Kooner Cup.

The Summer Tournament trophy - the Kooner Cup
The Summer Tournament trophy – the Kooner Cup

It’s just the ‘how’ that will be different: games will have to be played in which the players are not facing each other across the board.

This is where online platforms such as or provide a solution. On these platforms, games can be set up for the time control desired (in our case this is 90 minutes each as default).

Email or text or other solutions may also enable games to be played.

The Tournament organiser, Malcolm Clarke, has now made the draw for the First Round of the 2020 Chandlers Ford Summer Tournament:

2020 First Round Pairings

Peter Przybycin1-0Keven Lamb
Don Creasey0-1Phil Overton
James Daas1-0Rob Strachan
Steve Saunders0-1Sam Murphy
Nobby George0-1Steve Dunleavy
Ian Parker0-1Maha Chandar
Rob Sims1-0Rose Saunders
Bye – John Kooner
2020 Summer Tournament Round 1 pairings

2020 Round 2 Pairings

Sam Murphy0-1Peter Przybycin
Phil Overton 1-0Maha Chandar
Rob Sims0-1James Daas
Steve Dunleavy0-1Don Creasey
Keven Lamb1-0Steve Saunders
Rob Strachan0-1John Kooner
Bye – Rose Saunders
Summer Tournament Round 2 Pairings

2020 Round 3 Pairings

James Daas0-1Phil Overton
Peter Przybycin1-0Rob Sims
Don Creasey0-1Sam Murphy
Maha Chandar1-0Keven Lamb
John Kooner1-0Steve Dunleavy
Rose Saunders0-1Rob Strachan
Bye – Steve Saunders
Summer Tournament Round 3 Pairings

2020 Round 4 Pairings

Phil Overton0.5-0.5Peter Przybycin
John KoonerJames Daas
Sam MurphyMaha Chandar
Keven Lamb1-0Don Creasey
Steve SaundersRob Sims
Steve Dunleavy1-0Rose Saunders
Bye – Rob Strachan
Summer Tournament Round 4 Pairings

2020 Round 5 Pairings (last Round)

Sam MurphyPhil Overton
Peter PrzybycinJames Daas or John Kooner
Keven Lamb (or James Daas)John Kooner (or Keven Lamb)
Rob SimsMaha Chandar
Rob StrachanSteve Dunleavy
Rose SaundersSteve Saunders
Bye – Don Creasey
Summer Tournament Round 5 Pairings

2019 Summer Tournament

John Kooner left presents Kooner Cup to Summer Tournament 2019 winner Phil Overton
John Kooner left presents Kooner Cup to Summer Tournament 2019 winner Phil Overton

2019 Winner: Phil Overton

The 2019 Chandlers Ford Chess Club Summer Tournament champion is Phil Overton. He was presented the prize, the Kooner Cup, by John Kooner. The 2019 tournament had been a well-fought competitive tournament.

The 2019 Summer Tournament began in April. It is organised and run by our club secretary Malcolm Clarke, and is a 5-round Swiss in its format. It is one of three of the Club’s Tournaments. When the pairings for each round are announced, the first-named player has the white pieces. The odd number of players means byes are inevitable, but no player will receive more than one bye. The winner will have their name engraved on the Tournament’s trophy, the Kooner Cup.

Phil Overton vs Peter Przybycin Round 4 of Summer Tournament
Phil Overton vs Peter Przybycin Round 4 of Summer Tournament

Round 5 Pairings

Phil v James; Rob Bird v Peter; Dick v Sam; David v Maha; John v Rob Sims; Nobby v Keven; Rob Strachan v Steve Saunders; Don v Mansa; Ian v Steve D; Rose has bye.

Round 4 Pairings

Malcolm Clarke: “With only one game to be played in this year’s summer tournament I can make most of the round 4 draw:

Definite: Peter (2.5) v Phil (3), James (2.5) v David (2.5), Keven (2) v Dick (2),, Rob Sims (2) v Sam (2), Steve S (1.5) v Rob Bird (2), Maha (1) v Don (1), Ian bye

The rest of the draw depends on the result of Steve D v Rose, but if Steve D wins or draws Mansa (1) v Rob Strachan (1), John (1) v Steve D (1 or 0.5), , Rose ((0 or 0.5)  v Nobby  (0.5)

– and if Rose wins Mansa (1) v John (1), Rose (1) v Rob Strachan (1), Nobby (0.5) v Steve D (0)”.

Round 3 Pairings:

Phil OvertonRob Sims
David CullifordPeter Przybycin
Don CreaseyJames Lesniak
John KoonerRob Bird
Dick MeredithMaha Chandar
Rob StrachanKeven Lamb
Sam MurphyMansa Chandar
Steve SaundersIan Parker
Steve DunleavyRose Saunders
Nobby Georgebye

Previous rounds

Round 1: Phil v John, Nobby v Peter, David v Mansa, Don v Rob Sims, Dick v Ian, Rob Strachan v Maha, Sam v Steve S, Steve D v Keven, Rob Bird v Rose.  First named player playing white.

Round 2: Keven (1) v Phil (1), Rob Sims (1) v Rob Strachan (1), Rob Bird (1) v David (1). Peter (1) v Dick (1), James (B) v Sam (1), Ian (0) v Don (0). Mansa (0) v Nobby (0), Maha (0) v Steve D (0), Rose (0) v John (0) Bye Steve Saunders.  First named player is white and scores at end of round 1 in brackets.  B means player had bye, but we need to decide whether to score byes as a full point or a half point.  However no player will receive more than one bye in the competition.

The Summer Tournament: general information

The shiny Kooner Cup

The Kooner Cup and replica 2008

The Summer Tournament has been played each Summer for a number of years – since we used to meet at our former venue at Eastleigh’s Railway Institute. The games are all ECF-graded games. The Kooner Cup is presented at a sociable get-together by John Kooner who kindly provided the original trophy and the replicas.

The 2018 Summer Tournament was won jointly by Manoj Chandar and Sam Murphy.

Sam Murphy and Manoj Chandar, joint winners of the Summer Tournament 2018.
Sam Murphy and Manoj Chandar, joint winners of the Summer Tournament 2018.