All boards drawn at Chandler’s Ford v Winchester. Also: Black as white, White as black

Malcolm Clarke reports on the completely drawn Chandler’s Ford ‘A’ vs Winchester ‘A’ Robertson Plate match on 19th February, plus the unusual pairing in the Winchester ‘A’ vs Fareham ‘A’ match…

Chandlers Ford A and Winchester A drew their Robertson Plate match played over four boards 2-2 and with all four games drawn will have to replay at Winchester.  If any of the four games had produced a definite result then board count and failing that bottom board elimination would have come into the equation.  However with all four boards being drawn then this method would have not separated the teams.

With both teams finding it difficult to find a fifth player although Chandlers Ford certainly if pushed would have been able to it was agreed to restrict the number of boards to four.

Graham Stuart and Rob Sims both playing with the black pieces against Alan Dyos and Robin Atkins respectively were the first Chandlers Ford players to agree draws, while Winchester’s Bob Cleave was a pawn up against Chandlers Ford’s Dick Meredith, but Meredith had sufficient compensation for the pawn which left the game between Chandlers Ford’s Rob Bird and Winchester’s Mike White which although it went the full distance was even throughout.

Winchester A lost 3-2 to Fareham A despite Graham Payne obtaining an excellent win against a higher graded player.  A feature of this match was Fareham’s Ted Black beating Winchester’s Mike White although Black played with the white pieces and White with the black pieces.

Winchester B lost 3.5-1.5 to University B in Division 3 with Robin Atkins, Mike White and Graham Payne obtaining draws.

Chandlers Ford B were due to play their cup match at Hamble on Wednesday 20th February and are at home to University C on the following Tuesday.

Chandler’s Ford ‘A’ beats Andover ‘B’

Malcolm Clarke reports on the Chandler’s Ford ‘A’ v Andover ‘B’ Division 3 match Tuesday 12th February 2019.

Chandlers Ford A team obtained only their second win in six league matches with both of these victories being achieved against Andover.

Both of Chandlers Ford’s top two boards David Holmes and Phil Overton were unavailable, so Peter Przybycin was bought in for his first A team match of the season and it was Przybycin playing on board 3 who gave his team an early lead after his opponent blundered a piece.  Graham Stuart on board 1 then agreed a draw, while Sam Murphy’s opponent was making his league debut and gave a reasonable account of himself until having thought he had forked Murphy’s queen and rook with his knight overlooked the fact that Murphy could move the queen with check and then pick up the knight.

David Culliford on board 2 agreed a draw, although he admitted that if he had his opponent’s position he would have carried on playing to try and force a win.  That left Dick Meredith’s game outstanding and he skewered his opponent’s queen and rook to win the exchange and give himself a decisive advantage and to complete the 4-1 win.

Next week both the Chandlers Ford A and B team are in cup action with the A team at home to Winchester on the Tuesday and the B team away to Hamble on the Wednesday.

Chandler’s Ford C draw with Southampton D – again

Malcolm Clarke reports on the Southampton D vs Chandler’s Ford C match on 5th February 2019.

For the second time this season Chandlers Ford C drew with draw specialists Southampton D who have now drawn five of their seven league games, but whereas the previous draw was a bit fortuitous on this occasion they deserved a spare of the spoils.  They went into a two lead with Rob Bird relegated to board 3 and Don Creasey playing on bottom board winning.

However they lost on the top two boards on which they were clearly outgraded and the match was drawn.  Rob Strachan also played a game counting for grading purposes only and he won with his game being the most interesting.  Having pinned the opposition’s queen with his rook the opponent tried a series of checks, but after several king moves he was able to get it to safety and once the threat of a draw by perpetual check had been eroded it was inevitable he would win.  Unfortunately Rob Sims was unable to complete a hat-trick of wins for players forenamed Rob as he lost on top board.  

On Tuesday Chandlers Ford A are at home to Andover B.

Chandler’s Ford D beaten by Winchester D.

Malcolm Clarke reports on the Chandler’s Ford D vs Winchester D match 29th January and other news

Having beaten Winchester D twice this season, once in the league and once in the cup Chandlers Ford D were beaten 3-1 against the same opponents.  However the one consolation for them was Ian Parker playing a game counting for grading purposes only winning his game.

They went 2-0 down with Peter Stewart beating Nobby George and Brian White beating D Team captain Steve Dunleavy.  Only eight days earlier George had comfortably beaten Stewart in another Southampton League match.

This left the games between James Lesniak (Chandlers Ford) v David Green (Winchester) and Rob Strachan (Chandlers Ford) v Alan Weaver (Winchester).  In both matches fortunes fluctuated, but in both cases rooks were exchanged leaving the Winchester player with rook pawn and king against king.  Both matches were drawn, although Green managed to his king in front of the pawn and had clear winning chances when he agreed a draw.

Winchester B were beaten 4-1 in division 3 by top of the table Ringwood B with Robin Atkins on board 3 and Steve Kitley on board 5 both of whom drew their games being the contributors to their score. On Tuesday Chandlers Ford C are away to Southampton D.

News summary -January 2019 ECF Grades published

January 2019 ECF Grades published

The English Chess Federation publishes its Grading List twice a year, in January and July, and the January 2019 grades are now out. See the ECF Grading Database. Has your Grade gone up – or down? Team captains should use theses latest Grades when deciding board order for matches.

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Top two Ladder players change places

Peter Przybycin took the top rung of Chandler’s Ford Chess Club Ladder this week, from Rob Bird. The Ladder currently has 22 players.

Malcolm Clarke’s SCL reports

Malcolm Clarke writes a weekly chess update on the Southampton Chess League matches and news. His reports are published in the print edition of the Hampshire Chronicle as well as this website.

League Reports November – December 2018

Malcolm Clarke’s Southampton Chess League weekly reports

15th December 2018: Chandler’s Ford B vs Winchester C; Winchester D vs Fareham B

A happy Christmas to all readers.  Members of Chandlers Ford chess club will be going out for a Christmas curry on Thursday 20th December.

Chandlers Ford B team ended 2018 with a 3.5-0.5 win against Winchester C which ended Winchester’s unbeaten record and ended Winchester’s unbeaten record and was a welcome return to for them having lost their last two games.  Chandlers Ford though were able to field a strong team for this match and after former Eastleigh Rail and Winchester team mates Peter Przybycin (Chandlers Ford) and Graham Payne (Winchester) had drawn their game victories by Dick Meredith nnd the in form Simon Kay clinched the match.

The one remaining game was between Sam Murphy (Chandlers Ford) and David Green (Winchester) and Murphy’s one pawn advantage eventually won him the game, although at one stage if Green was able to find the very best move he had a chance of forcing a draw by perpetual check.

Winchester D drew 2-2 with Fareham B, with Winchester’s points coming from a win from Brian Jack on top board and draws for Michael Bianco and Andrew Habbitts.  Associated with the same match Alan Weaver played a match counting for grading purposes only.

30th November 2018 – Chandlers Ford chess teams played three matches this week and were beaten in all three.

The B team lost 3-1 to University with Simon Kay being their only winner.  The following day they lost to Fareham A in the Robertson Cup in a match which was reduced to four boards and again it was Kay who was the only one not to lose his game as he achieved a creditable draw against a much higher rated player.  The Fareham team’s top boards were Keith Gregory and Roger Marsh were playing against a club they used to play for.

The Chandlers Ford D surrendered their unbeaten record when they lost 4-0 to a Ringwood team whose players were much higher graded then their own, although the Ringwood players acknowledged that the match was closer than the scoreline indicated.

Despite Bob Cleave and Robin Atkins winning their games on the top two boards Winchester B were beaten 3-2 by Salisbury B.

24th November 2018: Chandler’s Ford ‘A’ win, ‘C’ lose, ‘D’ draws

Chandlers Ford A non-playing captain Malcolm Clarke originally selected the same team as had played the previous week for their trip to Andover, although on the day of the match Dick Meredith was replaced by B team captain Nobby George.

A quick win for Graham Stuart, a quick draw for Sam Murphy and the fact that Phil Overton’s game always looked likely to be drawn meant that the match hinged on the games on boards 1 and 5.  It was unclear as to how much compensation Dave Holmes had for the pawn he sacrificed, while Nobby George’s game saw fortunes fluctuate throughout.  However David got on top in his game and eventually won, and when Nobby’s game was eventually drawn leaving Chandlers Ford 3.5-1.5 winners.

Chandlers Ford C travelled to Salisbury without Manoj Chandar, Rob Sims, Maha Chandar and Keven Lamb who had formed the team for their first match of the season, but Steve Saunders obtained an excellent win in a 3-1 defeat in which Salisbury’s team included two players who three weeks earlier had won their games while playing against the Chandlers Ford A team.

Chandlers Ford D drew 2-2 with Fareham B with Maha Chandar and Ian Parker being their winners.

14th November 2018 – Chandler’s Ford D progress to Division 5 Cup semi-final

The Chandlers Ford A team were beaten 4.5-0.5 by a Ringwood B team who lead Southampton League Division 3.  Graham Stuart on board 3 obtained the only half point for Chandlers Ford A who have now lost their last two league matches having won all of the previous five.  On Wednesday the Chandlers Ford A team travel to play Andover in another league game.

The Chandlers Ford D team progressed to the semi finals of the Division 5 cup with a 2.5-1. win against Winchester D.  They were assisted by board 4 being won by default as well as Nobby George winning on board 1 and they play Fareham B in the next stage. The Winchester A team were comfortably beaten 4-1 by Hamble B, but the Winchester C team finished all square at 2-2 with University C with Brian Jack being their sole winner in a match containing two draws.

League news 16 Jan 2019

Malcolm Clarke’s League report

The Chandlers Ford A team lost 3-2 to Salisbury B with Dick Meredith being their sole winner and Graham Stuart and Dave Culliford drawing their games, but they were missing their regular board 1 David Holmes.  However there was better news for the D team who reached the final of the Division 5 Cup with a 3-1 win over Fareham B with Nobby George, James Lesniak and Rob Strachan being their winners. 

Manoj Chandar and Sam Murphy have agreed to be joint winners of the Chandler’s Ford club’s summer tournament, while next Monday the B team are away to Winchester C.

 Winchester A beat Southampton C 4-1 with wins from Lukasz Piecha, Alan Dyos and Pankaj Tomar playing on the bottom three boards all winning their games, with draws on the top two boards.

League Report 8th January 2019 by Malcolm Clarke

Chandlers Ford C obtained their first win of the season when they beat Chandlers Ford B 2.5-1.5, but they fielded probably their strongest team of the season and on the three boards where both players had actual rather than estimated gradings it was the C team player who had the higher grade.

However as pleasing as the victory was the sight of C team captain Keven Lamb being present at the match having been absent for several weeks as a result of undergoing hospital treatment which he has dealt with great fortitude and positivity, but it has meant that while absent he has had to leave selection of the team to Don Creasey, but hopefully Keven can resume his normal duties for the next match.

Maha Chandar beat the in form Simon Kay to put the C team 1-0 ahead, but Sam Murphy’s second win of the season against Rob Sims levelled the scores.  Maha’s son Manoj built up a good attack against Dick Meredith, but although he missed a winning combination the threat of the move he missed was still there and it could not be defended against.  This left just the board 1 game between Peter Przybycin and Rob Bird which produced an enthralling end game which was eventually drawn leaving the C team 2.5-1,5 winners.

A match between the two captains for the night Don Creasey and Nobby George played for grading purposes only resulted in a win  for Creasey.

Manoj Chandar and Sam Murphy have agreed to be joint winners of the club’s summer tournament, while next week the A team are at home to Salisbury B and the D team away to Fareham B, the latter being a cup game.

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