Knock-Out Tournament Round 2

The Chandler’s Ford Chess Club Knock-out Tournament is one of two club tournaments currently running, the other one being the Summer Tournament. The First Round of the Knock-Out Tournament has been completed, and 8 players remain. The draw for Round 2 has been made. The Knock-Out Tournament is organised by Steve Dunleavy.

The Chandlers Ford Knock Out Trophy
The Chandlers Ford Knock-Out Tournament Trophy

Round 1 Results: Fur Flies as Ewok Slaughters Lamb

In their 39-move game in the second round, it was Mike Henbury (‘Ewokmike‘ on who was on form against Keven Lamb. Once Mike had gained a material advantage from good play – pinning and capturing a Bishop 24 moves in, he proceeded to widen the gap rapidly and went on to win the game.

See below for the first Round’s full results.

Knock-out Round 1

Rob StrachanGeoffrey Parish1 – 0
Mike WhitfordDick Meredith0 – 1
Peter PrzybycinNobby George1 – 0
Dean ShawRob Sims1 – 0
Steve SaundersSam Murphy0 – 1
Keven LambMike Henbury0 – 1
Graham StuartAndrew Vagg1 – 0
Steve DunleavyMaha Chandar0 – 1
2021 Knock-out Round 1

Knock-out Round 2 Pairings

The draw for the second Round has been made. All games should be completed by 11th July.

  1.                Dick Meredith vs Sam Murphy
  2.                Peter Przybycin vs Graham Stuart
  3.                Rob Strachan vs Maha Chandar
  4.                Dean Shaw vs Mike Henbury        

Knock-out Tournament Rules / guidelines recap

Tournament organiser Steve Dunleavy’s guidelines for the Knock-out:

a) The player named first plays with white

b) All games to be played on with both players’ clocks set at 90 minutes

c) All games to be played within the next 3 weeks (on or before Sunday 11th July)

 d) In the event of a draw players can either a) agree to play a rapid play      game on the same night duration to be agreed between/by both players or b) play another 90-minute game before the 11th July deadline. In the event of a draw colours are reversed

e) The rules of chess must be adhered to i.e. no move retake requests and none to be granted

f) Can you please email me the result of your game immediately after it has been completed to allow me time to prepare and organise the Round 3 draw.

g) Enjoy your games and please let me know if you are struggling to             complete your game before the 11th July deadline: in fact please let me know when you have arranged to play your games so that I can easily keep track of events.

h) In Round 1 Rob Strachan beat Geoffrey Parish, Dick Meredith beat Mick Whitford, Peter Przybycin beat Nobby George, Sam Murphy beat Steve Saunders, Dean Shaw beat Rob Sims, Mike Henbury beat Kev Lamb, Graham Stuart beat Andrew Vagg, and Maha Chandar beat Steve Dunleavy.

i) Enjoy your games and the competition. Please let me know if you are having difficulty contacting your opponent and I will try my best to find a contact number for them.

Steve Dunleavy

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