Junior Chess Fourteenth Team Battle

Junior Chess Club leader Maha Chandar forwards the announcement by John Upham about the 14th Team Battle online on lichess.org, 1st February 2021.

The event is an Arena tournament online at lichess.org. The players have 5 minutes each per game plus a 3 second increment per move. The Battle is between 10 Teams and 10 Leaders.

Fourteenth Team Battle on lichess.org, Monday 1st February 2021

Dear chess parent,

The Fourteenth Team Battle on the Lichess Arena will take place on Monday, February 1st 2021 starting at 6pm.

Please register at https://lichess.org/tournament/ph8UB8tz

Please register for this ASAP !

The matches starts at 6pm monthly on a Monday night and completes by 7.30pm

Please register (for free) on lichess.org and then email me (John Upham) at john.upham@zen.co.uk and will get you into the team !

All the best,

John Upham, Secretary, Hampshire, Junior Chess Association

John Upham, British Chess News

Twitter  @ BritishChess

Chandlers Ford Junior Chess Club Page

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