Chandlers Ford Junior Chess Club

Chandlers Ford Junior Chess Club

Chandler’s Ford Junior Chess Club was started in 2015. Chandler’s Ford Junior Chess Club runs on School Term days –Wednesdays from 6.30pm until 7.30pm, in Places Leisure Centre, Passfield Ave, Eastleigh SO50 9NL. 

  • Junior/Adult League matches
  • We currently have 20 active juniors. Our Junior club is registered with chess kid and will provide a username to play interclub Tournaments.

Contact Junior Chess Club:- Contact Maha Mob: 07858464846 Email:

Hampshire Junior Chess Training and Tournament. See Hampshire Junior Chess Association website

Chandlers Ford Junior chess club training
Chandlers Ford Junior chess club training

Hampshire Juniors Win Team Battle

Congratulations to the Hampshire Junior Chess team on winning a 10-team online Team Battle! Convincingly: they finished well ahead of their nearest rivals.

Hampshire Junior Chess Association team won a big Juniors tournament on Monday 5th July 2021.

Ten teams from across the country registered for the online event on, and the Hampshire Junior Chess Association is one of them. 68 players participated.

19th Inter-County Division 2 Team Battle

The event was online on, and the format a Team Battle. Basically, the individuals’ scores count towards their respective teams in an online tournament. The time control is in the blitz category: quick games of 5+3 (5minutes per player per game, plus a 3-second increment for each move made). With a tournament length of an hour and a half, quite an intense event requiring a lot of concentration and quick decisions in every game.

Hampshire Juniors win Team Battle: the 19th Inter-County Division 2.
The event, online on, was a Team Battle Arena of Blitz games.
Team Battle 5th July: Tournament statistics

Hampshire Juniors in online events

The Hampshire Junior Chess Association team have had a series of events on These were various Team Battles, including the regular Saturday Afternoon Event Team Battles, plus 3-County Team Battles (for example, Hampshire v Dorset v Berkshire).

Their next event is a Saturday Afternoon Event Team Battle, on Saturday 17th July 2021. Hampshire is currently one of 4 Counties signed up for the event, the others being Devon, Berkshire, and Dorset. The time control for the 2-hour event is 10+5 (ten minutes per player per game, plus 5 seconds per move).

Good luck Hampshire Juniors!

Hampshire’s Iwan wins prize in SCCU 2021 Jamboree

A Hampshire Junior chess player, Iwan Cave, has won a prize in the SCCU Jamboree online Tournament for junior chess players! The Hampshire Juniors Leader is Maha Chandar. Maha is also organiser of the Chandler’s Ford Junior Chess Club.

Iwan Cave, ‘Twickenham 2014’ on, was joint winner of the Under 18s Board 3 Arena.

The SCCU Jamboree, 5th June 2021

The online event was the Southern Counties Chess Union Junior Jamboree, held online at on 5th June, 11:00 – 13:30. It was open to juniors teams across England. SCCU membership wasn’t a requirement, and the SCCU invited Counties, schools, and Clubs across England. The Jamboree was organised into 4 categories: Reserves, Under 14 Minor, Under 14 Open, and Under 18. The categories were divided into Arenas by county team player Board numbers. It a massive 19-Arena Jamboree which had 279 players in all.

Teams of 6 participated in the Jamboree, from clubs across England. The Arenas were 5 round swiss tournaments. The games had a time control of 10+5: ten minutes per player per game plus 5 seconds per move.

Iwan played in the Under 18 category, Board 3 Arena. He was one of 10 players in this Arena, and scored 3.5 points. Another player, ‘I_am_17_LangF’ (lichess name) from the Merseyside Team, also scored 3.5. Controversially, a player who scored 4.5 was disqualified for cheating. Iwan of Hampshire and the Merseyside player were then awarded joint winners of that Arena, and so they will both receive medals.

See link button to the Jamboree Results below. The link takes you to a spreadsheet of results, with various tabs (Teams, Under 18, Under 14 Minor, Under 14 Open). Remember, a lot of results are detailed because it was a huge event.

Iwan has been a chess tournament prize winner before. He won a prize in the Southampton Rapid-Play Tournament at Southampton University organised by the University and Southampton Chess clubs, on 30th November 2019. He won a prize in the Under-90 graded event.

Dear Hampshire Chess Parent

The Southern Counties Chess Union (SCCU) are sponsoring the events below on lichess this Saturday.

All we need are 6 players to make a team.  There are two age groups with the younger age group split by grade:

πŸ”΄  Under 18 Open

πŸ”΄  Under 14 Open

πŸ”΄  Under 14 Minor (U1800 Lichess rating)

The tournament details are:

Date :  Saturday 5th June 2021

Time :  11.00 am start time – 1.30 pm approx.

5 round Board Swiss with time control of 10 mins + 5 seconds.

(Each board will have its own swiss tournament.)

πŸ† Prizes will be sent for the winners of each section πŸ†

ECF membership required.  Results will be sent for ECF Online rating.
(Free Junior Silver membership is available for all new members and will last until August 2022)

Reserves are welcome to join a reserve tournament.

If you have a child who wants to play and is available for all 5 rounds, please email me by return so I can submit teams if we have enough players.  If you haven’t already provided me registration details and lichess username please use the form below so I can supply the organizers with the details they need.  I’ll make a decision on Thursday end of the day.

Don’t be put off by the high age limits.  The UNder 14 Minor section is likely to be a good fit for a strong Under 9 player. I will send you the link on Friday by end of the day.

——– Online Chess Registration lichess for SCCU events

Child Details
First Name:         ………………………………….
Last  Name:         ………………………………….
Gender:             Female / Male
Date of Birth:      ../../….     (Dd/Mm/Yyyy)

lichess name:       ………………………………….
ECF Membership #:   ………………………………….

School Year:        ………………………………….
School:             ………………………………….
(Include Postcode): ………………………………….

Home Address:       ………………………………….
(Include Postcode): ………………………………….

Parent / Guardian contact details
Phone Number:       ………………………………….
Contact Email:      ………………………………….


Kind Regards

Maha Chandar

Hampshire Junior chess Association




National Association Under 9 Team Championship Finals 2021

The English Primary Schools Chess AssociationEPSCA – are unable to arrange these tournaments this year, but Barnet Junior Chess are arranging the series of online events for EPSCA.

The National Association Under 9 Team Championship Finals 2021 will be held on Saturday 24 April at 2pm. The format is a 5-round Swiss, in which games each Round have a time control of 10 minutes per player per game plus a 5-second increment per move. That time control is a rapid-play pace of game. There will be 5 minutes between Rounds. The tournament is divided by Board: that is, all the Board 1 players from each Team in one section, Board 2 from each team in the next and so on, and there is a Reserves section. The tournament is set up on see the overall tournament link: National Association U9 Finals.

Reserve places are unlimited. It will just be run as an open swiss with prizes for the top 3 places.

There will be 12 in the team for U9 and 20 for U11 with medals for the highest scoring players on each board as well as Gold, Silver, and Bronze for the winning teams.

Under-11 Finals 8th May

Hampshire Juniors will also be participating in the National Association Under 11 Finals on Saturday 8th May 2021 at 2pm.

Team Battle 1st May

Hampshire Juniors have a Team in the 3-County Team Battle on 1st May. The 3 Counties are Hampshire, Dorset, and Berkshire. See Tournament page on lichess.

Delancey UK Chess Challenge

Looking further ahead there is the Delancey UK Chess Challenge for young chess players to look forward to.

registration for the Delancey UK Chess Challenge is now open.

Dates for the two Megafinal weekends are:

  • 12th and 13th June
  • 26th and 27th June

Dates for the two gigafinal weekends are:

  • 3rd and 4th July
  • 17th and 18th July

The Terafinal is set to take place over the board in October.

Hampshire Juniors in huge online Team Battle Event 20th March 2021

News from Chandler’s Ford Junior Chess Club organiser Maha Chandar that the Hampshire Juniors took part in the Under 11 Association Zone Team Battle yesterday 20th March, scoring 62 points. The event was massive: an astonishing 304 players in 15 teams participated in the online event on 1,956 games were played in the 2 hour rapid-play tournament. The games had a time control of 10 minutes per player plus 5 seconds per move. The event ran for two hours, 14:00 – 16:00. The Barnet Under 11 Team won the event, with 428 points, whilst Hampshire were 15th.

Statistics for the Under 11 Team Battle on 20th March 2021

Hampshire Juniors in online Team Battle 13th March 2021

News from Junior Club organiser Maha Chandar that the Juniors took part in the Under 9 Association Team Battle yesterday 13th March. 14 teams participated in the online event on The games had a time control of 10 minutes per player plus 5 seconds per move. The Barnet Under 9 Team won the event, whilst Hampshire were 13th.

Juniors Online Events 2021

The English Primary Schools Chess Association Championships are not able to run this year over the board so Barnet Junior chess Charity will run a fun online alternative this year, keeping to the original dates, with a change to the timings.

Event dates

All events will start at 2pm and run continuously:

  • All teams – Practice Date – 6 March
  • U9  Zone – 13 March
  • U11 Zone – 20 March
  • U11 Girls Finals – 27 March
  • U9 Finals – 24 April
  • U9 Finals – 8 May

How it will work:

The event will run on using the team facility.

The Zone stage will run on the traditional split of North, South and East and will consist of a team battle lasting 2 hours. Time control is 10 mins + 5 seconds.

Battles on Lichess run as continuous pairings. We have enclosed some further information for any Managers who are not familiar with how it works.

The top 50% of teams will qualify to the Finals and the remaining teams will be invited to a Plate Finals competition running at the same time as the Finals with the same format.

The Finals and Plate Finals competitions will run differently to the Zone stage as individual board swiss tournaments with 5 rounds and time control of 10 mins + 5 seconds. There will be 5 mins between rounds. No substitutions will be allowed for the Finals. Reserves will play their own tournament.

Winchester Junior Chess Blitz, Sunday 15th December 2019

We have a Winchester Chess Blitz Junior Championships coming up at the The venue at Unit 12, Winnall Valley Road, Winchester on 15th December 2019.
SO23 0LD is close to the Junction 9 and only 3 minutes from M3.
It starts at 10.50am and finishes at 4pm(latest).
The time control will be  10 minutes for each player.There is ample free parking on-site.
There are excellent cash and medal prizes and free lunch and free refreshments to the players!
The event is heavily sponsored by the
 Winchester Junior Chess Club, Chandlers Ford Junior Chess Club, Community Centre Unit 12 (
Maha Chandar and Lucas Piecha are the tournament organisers.
Full details are given on the link below which includes   entry form.
Please find enclosed an entry form.Print, write, make photo and send us again. 
Regards  Lukasz Piecha
Download all attachments as a zip file

South of England Junior Chess Congress January 25, 2020

The South of England Junior Chess Congress takes place at Yateley Manor School on January 25, 2020 . It is organised by IM Andrew Martin- Enter via the official web site

Chandlers Ford Junior chess club training
Chandlers Ford Junior Chess Club training

ECF Under-18 Online County Championship 21st November 2020

Hampshire Juniors Team Manager Maha Chandar is looking for more Under-18s to play in the County Championship on Saturday 21st November 2020.

Maha Chandar, Hampshire Under 18 Team Manager
Maha Chandar, Hampshire Under 18 Team Manager

ECF online Under 18 County Championship

The English Chess Federation Online Under 18 County Championship will be on Saturday 21st November 2020. Our own chess club member Maha Chandar is Hampshire’s Team Manager. Hampshire are looking for Juniors to play in the Under 18 County Championship, and entries must be in by 9pm on Wednesday 18th November. See The ECF website’s Online Entry Form

‘Where’ and when

The English Chess Federation Online Under-18 County Championship will be on Saturday, 21st November 2020, starting at 11:00. It is a team Swiss format.

The event will be online at Before the scheduled start time for each round, players should be logged in to

Round 1 – 1100; Round 2 – 1200; Round 3 – 1300; Round 4 – 1400; Round 5 – 1500; Round 6 – 1600; Round 7 – 1700

See below for further information, as given on the ECF web Page for the event:

Time limit

The time limit is all moves in 10 minutes, plus 5 seconds per move. The expected maximum duration of each game is 30 minutes, but they may take longer in the case of a long game. A player whose game is not started within 10 minutes of the actual start time for their round will lose their game by default.

The teams

Each team will be represented by 6 players in total, from four categories –

  • Category A Under 18 – Born 01/09/2002 or later, 2 players + up to 2 reserves
  • Category B Under 18 Girls – Born 01/09/2002 or later, 2 players + up to 2 reserves
  • Category C Under 11 – Born 01/09/2009 or later, 1 player + up to 1 reserve
  • Category D Under 11 Girls – Born 01/09/2009 or later, 1 player + up to 1 reserve

If your child fits into one of these categories and would like to represent Hampshire then please contact our Team Manager who is Maha Chandar.

Maha may be contacted via, 07858-464846.

Board order

The team on the left-hand side of a match in the pairings will be white on the odd-numbered boards, and the board order of each match will be the following:

Boards 1 & 2 – Category A
Boards 3 & 4 – Category B
Board 5 – Category C
Board 6 – Category D

Technical requirements

The games, as mentioned, will be on, but there are other, technical requirements to ensure fair play and event integrity.

Players need to be connected to the tournament Zoom call before and throughout their games. Webcams, microphones, and speakers to be switched on. See the ECF website Page for full details.

Useful Links

The links within the article above will take you to the relevant websites, but for handy reference they are listed together below:

Under 18 County Championship Results 21 November 2020

The Hampshire Under-18 Team played in the online County Championship on Saturday 21st November 2020. The Hampshire Juniors team is organised by Maha Chandar, who runs the Chandler’s Ford Junior Chess Club.

Hampshire scored 17 game points and came 9th. Warwickshire came first with 31.5 game points. See the Results on the website.

Maha tells us she enjoyed the tournament and watching the games all day, and that although there was a delay, she thought that the English Chess Federation organised the event well.

The Championship was held online on, and the teams of six competed in 7 Rounds. The time control for the games was ten minutes initially per player per game plus an increment of 5 seconds per move.

Hampshire v Berkshire Juniors Saturday 31st October 2020

Chandler’s Ford Juniors organiser Maha Chandar announces the Juniors County match Hampshire vs Berkshire which is on Saturday 31st October 2020 at 2pm, online at

Dear chess parent,

Your child in invited to play in HJCAs very first Saturday Afternoon Event (SAE).

This is a rated friendly match versus our neighbours, Berkshire Junior Chess Association (BJCA).

This will take place on the Lichess Arena and use the Team Battle format.

Please ask your child to register at

If they are not already registered for HJCA then please visit  and submit a Join request.

We are planning further SAEs which will incorporate Zoom training sessions from experienced coaches.


Kind Regards


Chandler’s Ford Junior Chess Club

Links to the team and the event on

Also see the Hampshire Junior Chess Association website.

Hampshire Juniors Victory in Team Battle

The Team Manager of the Hampshire Juniors , Maha Chandar, reports that the Hampshire Juniors won their online Team Battle on against the Berkshire Juniors team 322 points to 208. The Saturday Afternoon Event on 31st October 2020 was a Team Battle tournament , a team version of the Arena tournaments. The Event was a 2-hour tournament. Well done Hampshire! 54 players took part. See the tournament results list in full at:

There are some impressive statistics from the tournament:

Fourteenth Team Battle Monday 1st February 2021

Dear chess parent,

The Fourteenth Team Battle on the Lichess Arena will take place on Monday, February 1st 2021 starting at 6pm.

Please register at

Please register for this ASAP !

The matches starts at 6pm monthly on a Monday night and completes by 7.30pm

Please register (for free) on and then email me (John Upham) at and will get you into the team !

All the best,

John Upham, Secretary, Hampshire, Junior Chess Association

John Upham, British Chess News

Twitter  @ BritishChess