Hampshire Junior Wins SCCU Prize

A Hampshire Junior chess player, Iwan Cave, has won a prize in the SCCU Jamboree online Tournament for junior chess players! The Hampshire Juniors Leader is Maha Chandar. Maha is also organiser of the Chandler’s Ford Junior Chess Club.

Iwan Cave, ‘Twickenham 2014’ on lichess.org, was joint winner of the Under 18s Board 3 Arena.

The SCCU Jamboree, 5th June 2021

The online event was the Southern Counties Chess Union Junior Jamboree, held online at lichess.org on 5th June, 11:00 – 13:30. It was open to juniors teams across England. SCCU membership wasn’t a requirement, and the SCCU invited Counties, schools, and Clubs across England. The Jamboree was organised into 4 categories: Reserves, Under 14 Minor, Under 14 Open, and Under 18. The categories were divided into Arenas by county team player Board numbers. It a massive 19-Arena Jamboree which had 279 players in all.

Teams of 6 participated in the Jamboree, from clubs across England. The Arenas were 5 round swiss tournaments. The games had a time control of 10+5: ten minutes per player per game plus 5 seconds per move.

Iwan played in the Under 18 category, Board 3 Arena. He was one of 10 players in this Arena, and scored 3.5 points. Another player, ‘I_am_17_LangF’ (lichess name) from the Merseyside Team, also scored 3.5. Controversially, a player who scored 4.5 was disqualified for cheating. Iwan of Hampshire and the Merseyside player were then awarded joint winners of that Arena, and so they will both receive medals.

See link button to the Jamboree Results below. The link takes you to a spreadsheet of results, with various tabs (Teams, Under 18, Under 14 Minor, Under 14 Open). Remember, a lot of results are detailed because it was a huge event.

Iwan has been a chess tournament prize winner before. He won a prize in the Southampton Rapid-Play Tournament at Southampton University organised by the University and Southampton Chess clubs, on 30th November 2019. He won a prize in the Under-90 graded event.

New Chandler’s Ford Junior Chess Club Facebook Page

Maha Chandar has set up a Facebook Page for the Junior Chess Club. See the Button below.

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