Easter 2021

Happy Easter everyone. This week’s online tournament results on 30th March and 1st April, plus the latest in the Book Prize Tournament.

Chocolate chess set
Chocolate chess set

Results of club tournaments

Tuesday Arena: 14 of us participated in this week’s Arena on 30th March, won by Ted Black (‘MagnusPolgar’) who won all 4 of his games. Well done too David Culliford (‘djc202’) 2nd, and Rob Sims, 3rd.

Thursday 5-round Swiss: 13 of us played in the Chandler’s Ford Swiss on 1st April. Congratulations to Mike Henbury (‘Ewokmike’) who took top slot only after the last Round – a well-contested tournament in which the virtual podium was occupied by various players during the tournament, including new player Ian Partridge who led for a while. Ian still had a podium position at the end, coming 3rd, whilst Graham Stuart (‘WillHeSac’) came second.

The Book Prize Tournament: Ewok marches on

A good week for Mike Henbury (‘Ewokmike’ on lichess.org): as well as winning Thursday’s rapid-play tournament, he continues his march towards victory in the ongoing Book Prize Tournament. Tournament organiser Peter Przybycin reports.

Hi All,

There are four results to report this week:

  • Mike Henbury 1 – Steve Saunders 0
  • Suzan Dunleavy 0 – Rob Sims 1
  • Nobby George 1 – Steve Dunleavy 0
  • John Kooner 1 – Rose Saunders 0

Wins for Mike Henbury and Rob Sims maintain the status quo, with Mike half a point ahead of Rob (and one hand on the prize?) with just one round to go.

Mike Henbury poses with trophy
One hand on the prize? Mike Henbury brandishes a trophy…

Games remaining in this round:

  • Don Creasey v Geoffrey Parish
  • Keven Lamb v Rob Strachan

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