The Book Prize Tournament 2020

The Book Prize Tournament 2020 is one of four Chandler’s Ford Chess Club tournaments. The Book Prize Tournament started at the beginning of November 2020. It is organised by Peter Przybycin.

Book Prize 2020 winner Mike Henbury with his prize
Book Prize 2020 winner Mike Henbury with his prize

The Book Prize Tournament 2020 Rules

The tournament will be over 11 rounds (all play all) .

Although players will sometimes play several consecutive games with the same colour, each player will have at least four games with white during the course of the tournament.

Each round to be completed within three weeks of pairings being issued. A certain amount of flexibility will be given on this rule. Any problems with meeting the deadline of each round, please let me know as early as possible.

Games to be played on Lichess. Time limit 90 minutes each player.

Normal rules of chess will apply throughout.

The winner of each game is to inform me of the game result. In the event of a draw, the player with white has this responsibility.

Enjoy yourselves!


Peter Przybycin wearing chess mask
Peter Przybycin, New Tournament organiser

Round 1 Pairings

Rose Saunders0.5 – 0.5Mike Henbury
Geoffrey Parish0 – 1Keven Lamb
Rob Strachan1 – 0Don Creasey
Rob Sims1 – 0Steve Dunleavy
John Kooner1-0Steve Saunders
Nobby George1-0Suzan Dunleavy
The Book Prize Tournament Round 1 Pairings

Round 2

Steve Dunleavy0-1Keven Lamb
Suzan Dunleavy0-1John Kooner
Rob Sims0.5-0.5Mike Henbury
Nobby George0-1Don Creasey
Geoffrey Parish0-1Rose Saunders
Rob Strachan1-0Steve Saunders
The Book Prize Tournament Round 2 Pairings

Round 3

John Kooner1-0Don Creasey
Rob Sims1-0Rose Saunders
Steve Dunleavy1-0Geoffrey Parish
Steve Saunders1-0Suzan Dunleavy
Rob Strachan1-0Nobby George
Keven Lamb0-1Mike Henbury
The New Tournament, Round 3

Round 4

Rob Strachan1-0Suzan Dunleavy
Don Creasey1-0Steve Saunders
John Kooner1-0Nobby George
Mike Henbury1-0Geoffrey Parish
Keven Lamb1-0Rob Sims
Rose Saunders1-0Steve Dunleavy
The Book Prize Tournament, Round 4

Round 5

Nobby George1-0Rose Saunders
Mike Henbury1-0Suzan Dunleavy
Don Creasey1-0Steve Dunleavy
John Kooner1-0Keven Lamb
Steve Saunders0-1Geoffrey Parish
Rob Sims1-0Rob Strachan
The Book Prize Tournament, Round 5

Round 6

Steve Saunders0-1Rob Sims
Geoffrey Parish1-0Nobby George
Mike Henbury1-0Rob Strachan
Steve Dunleavy0-1John Kooner
Suzan Dunleavy0-1Keven Lamb
Rose Saunders0.5-0.5Don Creasey
The Book Prize Tournament, Round 6

Round 7

Suzan Dunleavy0-1Steve Dunleavy
Nobby George0-1Rob Sims
Geoffrey Parish0-1Rob Strachan
Rose Saunders0-1Steve Saunders
Mike Henbury1-0John Kooner
Don Creasey1-0Keven Lamb
The Book Prize Tournament, Round 7

Round 8

Rob Sims1-0John Kooner
Steve Saunders0-1Steve Dunleavy
Nobby George0-1Keven Lamb
Don Creasey0-1Mike Henbury
Rose Saunders1-0Rob Strachan
Suzan Dunleavy0-1Geoffrey Parish
The Book Prize Tournament, Round 8

Round 9

Keven Lamb0.5-0.5Steve Saunders
John Kooner1-0Geoffrey Parish
Rose Saunders1-0Suzan Dunleavy
Steve Dunleavy0-1Rob Strachan
Rob Sims1-0Don Creasey
Mike Henbury1-0Nobby George
The Book Prize Tournament, Round 9

Round 10

Don Creasey0-1Geoffrey Parish
Keven Lamb1-0Rob Strachan
Mike Henbury1-0Steve Saunders
Suzan Dunleavy0-1Rob Sims
Nobby George1-0Steve Dunleavy
John Kooner1-0Rose Saunders
The Book Prize Tournament, Round 10

Round 11

Steve Saunders0-1Nobby George
Steve Dunleavy0-1Mike Henbury
Keven Lamb1-0Rose Saunders
Rob Strachan0-1John Kooner
Don Creasey0.5-0.5Suzan Dunleavy
Geoffrey Parish0-1Rob Sims
The Book Prize Tournament, Round 11

Book Prize 2020-1 Winner

The winner of the Book Prize 2020-1 is Mike Henbury, with 10 points.