Book Prize Tournament Round 7

Tournament organiser Peter Przybycin reports on the Book Prize Tournament so far, and announces the player pairings for Round 7 – including some ‘local Derby’ – literally in-house – fixtures…

Hi All,

Round 6 is now complete.

John Kooner maintains his one point lead, but he will play his nearest challenger this coming round. A game worth watching?

Round 7 will also see two domestic battles. No bloodshed please!

I have noticed that Suzan Dunleavy’s play has improved a lot, with no reward as yet, but it will come. She fought well against Keven. Maybe she can break her duck against her husband!

Round 6 Results

Steve Saunders0-1Rob Sims
Geoffrey Parish1-0Nobby George
Mike Henbury1-0Rob Strachan
Steve Dunleavy0-1John Kooner
Suzan Dunleavy0-1Keven Lamb
Rose Saunders0.5-0.5Don Creasey
The Book Prize Tournament, Round 6

Scores to date:

  • John Kooner 6
  • Mike Henbury 5
  • Rob Sims 4½
  • Keven Lamb 4
  • Rob Strachan 4
  • Don Creasey 3½
  • Rose Saunders 3
  • Nobby George 2
  • Geoffrey Parish 2
  • Steve Dunleavy 1
  • Steve Saunders 1
  • Suzan Dunleavy 0

Round 7 Pairings:

  • Suzan Dunleavy v Steve Dunleavy
  • Nobby George v Rob Sims
  • Geoffrey Parish v Rob Strachan
  • Rose Saunders v Steve Saunders
  • Mike Henbury v John Kooner
  • Don Creasey v Keven Lamb

As ever, the player named first has the white pieces.

Deadline for finishing this round is Saturday 27th February 2021.

All the best,


Peter Przybycin v Phil Overton in 2019 Knock-out Final
Peter Przybycin (left) is the Book Prize Tournament Organiser

Rules Recap

  • The Book Prize Tournament is an all-play-all contest, so with 12 players that makes 11 Rounds.
  • Although players will sometimes play consecutive games with the same colour, each player will end up having played at least 4 games as white.
  • Each Round should be completed within 3 weeks, but there can be some flexibility.
  • The games are to be played online – on
  • The time control is 90 minutes each per game.
  • The winner (or white if drawn) should notify Peter of the result.

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