Book Prize Tournament Final Round

Book Prize Tournament organiser Peter Przybycin announces the pairings for Round 11 – the final Round. He also lists the Round 10 results. And reveals what the Book Prize is.

Hi All,

The remaining two round ten games were played this week, and the final round is about to commence.

The top three players again recorded wins, so Mike Henbury continues to hold a half point lead over Rob Sims. It’s now between just the two of them, and it hinges on the results of their round 11 games!

Unfortunately for John Kooner he’s now out of the running despite his win, as he had earlier lost against Mike (the tie break if scores are equal) in round seven.

This is the prize that will go to either Mike or Rob:

The Book Prize


See the Book prize Tournament Page for results to date.

Round 10 Results:

  • Don Creasey 0 – Geoffrey Parish 1
  • Keven Lamb 1 – Rob Strachan 0
  • Mike Henbury 1 – Steve Saunders 0
  • Suzan Dunleavy 0 – Rob Sims 1
  • Nobby George 1 – Steve Dunleavy 0
  • John Kooner 1 – Rose Saunders 0

Scores to date:

  • Mike Henbury 9
  • Rob Sims 8½
  • John Kooner 8
  • Keven Lamb 6½
  • Rob Strachan 6
  • Rose Saunders 5
  • Don Creasey 4½
  • Geoffrey Parish 4
  • Steve Dunleavy 3
  • Nobby George 3
  • Steve Saunders 2½
  • Suzan Dunleavy 0

Round 11 Pairings:

  • Steve Saunders v Nobby George
  • Steve Dunleavy v Mike Henbury
  • Keven Lamb v Rose Saunders
  • Rob Strachan v John Kooner
  • Don Creasey v Suzan Dunleavy
  • Geoffrey Parish v Rob Sims

As ever, the player named first has the white pieces.

Deadline for finishing round 11 is Saturday 1st May 2021.

All the best,


Rules Recap

  • The Book Prize Tournament is an all-play-all contest, so with 12 players that makes 11 Rounds.
  • Although players will sometimes play consecutive games with the same colour, each player will end up having played at least 4 games as white.
  • Each Round should be completed within 3 weeks, but there can be some flexibility.
  • The games are to be played online – on
  • The time control is 90 minutes each per game.
  • The winner (or white if drawn) should notify Peter of the result.

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