Lichess Ladder 3rd January 2021

In our first post of 2021, the latest Lichess Ladder Tournament standings.

The chess games of the club’s Lichess Ladder Tournament are played online on

The Lichess Ladder started on 27th November 2020, and will be updated each Sunday.

The time control is 90 minutes per player in each game. A player may challenge up to 4 places above, and if the challenger wins the two players swap places on the Ladder (otherwise they stay perched on their current rungs). The Challenger has the White pieces.

Lichess Ladder 3rd January 2021

Ladder organiser Nobby George reports a busy week in the tournament, with 5 games played:

  • Manoj Chandar: 1  Rose Saunders: O
  • Sam Murphy: 1  Steve Saunders: 0
  • John Kooner: 1  Maha Chandar: 0
  • Joseph Henbury: 1  Keven Lamb: 0
  • Steve Dunleavy: 0  Don Creasey: 1

See the Ladder Page for full current standings list of the 17 players as of 3rd January. Patrick Pavey retains top slot as we go into 2021. The Ladder Page is updated weekly.

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