The Ladder

The current Chandlers Ford chess Ladder tournament runs from June 2019 to August 2020, and is run by Nobby George. It is one of three internal club tournaments at Chandlers Ford Chess Club.

The latest Ladder positions -3rd March 2020

Ladder Position Player ECF Grade
1 Peter Przybycin 136
2 Rob Strachan 64
3 Nobby George 88
4 Rose Saunders 44
5 Colin Grant 53
6 John Kooner 89
7 Dick Meredith 105
8 Steve Dunleavy 55
9 Mansa Chandar 84
10 James Daas 121
11 Ian Parker 57
12 Steve Saunders 61
13 Phil Overton 134
14 Maha Chandar 90
15 Rob Bird 105
16 Rob Sims 90
17 Don Creasey 89
18 Manoj Chandar 119
19 Sam Murphy 115
20 Keven Lamb 82
21 Geoff Parish U/G
Ladder Final 18 June 2019
Ladder Final: Phil Overton v Peter Przybycin play, watched by club players.
Group photo of Curry Night 22 May 2018
Curry Night and presentation of the Ladder Trophy

The first winner of the Trophy, Sam Murphy, was presented with it by Nobby George at the curry night social gathering on 22nd May 2018.

Presentation of Ladder trophy
Sam Murphy (left) receives the Chandlers Ford Chess Ladder Trophy from organiser Nobby George

Ladder Rules:

All games to be played on the clock ,which will be set at ninety minutes and then play to a finish. Players may challenge up to four places above their own step. If the challenger wins he will exchange places with the loser; all other results then the positions remain the same. The same players may not play each other again without first playing another player. Once a challenge is accepted neither the challenger nor the player being challenged may make or accept another challenge. Challenge cannot be made more than eight days ahead of the game to be played. The Ladder will finish on the last Tuesday in August 2020 and then the three top players will play a round robin to decide a winner. Challenger plays with the black pieces.

Sam Murphy with Chess Ladder Trophy
Sam Murphy, first winner of the Chandlers Ford Chess Ladder: 2017-2018