D Team beats C team in Super-match of 8 boards

Chandler’s Ford‘s C and D Teams are both in Southampton Chess League Division 5, and have already met this season. Tuesday 14th January was the ‘return’ fixture, C team hosting (although both teams in their own home venue, the home or away distinction decides which players play with which colour pieces: the ‘Away’ side plays white on odd-numbered boards).

Chandlers Ford C (left) v D team (right) Tuesday 14th January 2020 (photo by Suzan Dunleavy)
Chandlers Ford C (left) v D team (right) Tuesday 14th January 2020 (photo by Suzan Dunleavy)

Division 5 fixtures are played across 4 boards, but the League permits an extra graded game for grading purposes. We stretched that facility to have not one but four graded pairings in addition to the League match boards 1-4. A big event for us: we’ve previously had two matches at club before against two visiting clubs, with up to ten of our players involved at the same time – but this was between two of our own teams, both at double-numbers: 16 players of our club playing at the same time! A super-match played over 8 boards.

Chandlers Ford C (left) v D team (right) Tuesday 14th January 2020
Chandlers Ford C (left) v D team (right) Tuesday 14th January 2020, photo by Suzan Dunleavy.

So how did the match play out? Well, a conclusive win for the D team, with 6 points to 2, with the League Match boards 1-4 a romping 0-4 win for the D team. This result propels the D team up to second place in Division 5, a great start to their second half of the 2019-2020 season. There were some surprises with a couple of out-graded players getting draws against their higher-graded opponents: Ian Parker against Sam Murphy and David Culliford against Graham Stuart. See full individual results below, and the match result card submitted to the SCL with match comments and results of the extra grading pairings.

Results Card 2019-20, Division 5 Super-match: CFC v CFD plus multiple grading pairings

Date: Tuesday 14th January 2020

Chandlers Ford C ECF
1 Maha Chandar
96 0 James Daas 95 1
2 Don Creasey
85 0 Rob Bird 103 1
3 Keven Lamb
0 Rob Sims 95 1
4 Steve Saunders
64 0 Nobby George 88 1
League Match result

0 League Match result 4
5 (grading purposes only) Rose Saunders


(grading purposes only) John Kooner

6 (grading purposes only) Dick Meredith


(grading purposes only) Steve Dunleavy

(grading purposes only)
Sam Murphy


(grading purposes only) Ian Parker


8 (grading purposes only) Graham Stuart


(grading purposes only) David Culliford


Total of the 8 boards
2 Total of the 8 boards

You may be wondering why some strong players weren’t in the top 4, match-board half of the line-up. This was to avoid eligibility issues now or later in the season, as the players would normally play for our A or B teams in Divisions 3 or 4.

Although I write as the captain of the losing team, I must say the event was a highlight of the season for me, seeing so many players of the club all participating in such a good atmosphere and showing flexibility to make the ‘super-match’ possible. A really enjoyable evening. Kev Lamb.

2 thoughts on “D Team beats C team in Super-match of 8 boards”

  1. Many thanks for organising this, a great idea and a really pleasurable evening. My first serious match against another club member for a number of years and I think both me and David found this a different challenge to normal matches. A fair result and we were pleased to have a quick look and then watch the other matches.
    Great see to the photos and show what a diverse club we have with so many new and returning players showing an interest in chess.

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