28th February Roundup

This week’s tournament results, plus the latest in the Lichess Ladder.

Results of club tournaments

Tuesday Arena: 16 of us participated in this week’s Arena on 23rd February, won by new player Ted Black (‘MagnusPolgar’) who won all 6 of his games. Whilst Rob Sims also won all of his games, he played 5, so came second. Well done too Joseph Henbury, 3rd.

Thursday 5-round Swiss: 9 of us played in the Chandler’s Ford Swiss on 25th February. Congratulations to David Culliford with 5 straight wins. Kev Lamb came 2nd; and in a good week for Rob Sims he won another podium position, coming 3rd on Thursday.

Lichess Ladder 28th February

Nobby George organises the club Ladder tournament, played on lichess.org. He reports 5 new results this week. See our Ladder Page for current standings. Players may challenge up to 4 places above their own position. See below for a recap of the rules.

Ladder Games played this week 

  • Patrick Pavey ½ Rob Sims ½
  • Steve Dunleavy 1 Rose Saunders 0
  • Steve Saunders 0 Andrew Vagg 1
  • Manoj Chandar ½ Nobby George ½
  • Andrew Vagg 1 John Kooner 0.

The Lichess Ladder Rules summary.

All games to be played online at lichess.org. The Time control is 90 minutes per player. Players may challenge up to four places above their own step. If the challenger wins he will exchange places with the loser, for all other results then the positions remain the same. The Challenger has the white Pieces.

The Lichess Ladder will be updated every Sunday.

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