Tournament Results In May

A catch-up of the club’s online tournaments, with results from the last 2 weeks. Plus the latest in the Ladder. Also, even though chess club isn’t reconvening at the venue just yet, the Chandler’s Ford Central Club will be re-opening on Monday 17th May.

Waterloo chess set: the French
Waterloo chess set: Napoleon and the French

Results of club tournaments

The Club’s players keep in touch during lockdown with regular online chess tournaments played on

Tuesday Arena 4th May: 16 of us participated, a great turnout. A good week for relatively new club members as Ian Partridge came top, and Michael Whitford 2nd. Regular club player Maha Chandar came 3rd, which was a personal best for her so far in these tournaments.

Thursday 5-round Swiss 6th May: 13 of us played in this tournament. Congratulations to Graham Stuart (‘WillHeSac’ on lichess) 1st, and well done Dean Shaw (‘Sheff84’ on lichess) who came second, and Rob Sims 3rd.

Tuesday Arena 11th May: 11 of us participated in this week’s tournament, a great turnout. Congratulation to winner Michael Whitford. Well done John Zastapilo 2nd, and Maha Chandar 3rd.

Thursday 5-round Swiss 13th May. 11 of us played in this tournament. Congratulations to David Culliford (‘djc202’ on lichess) 1st, and well done John Zastapilo (‘john_zed’ on lichess) who came second, and Sam Murphy 3rd.

The Ladder Latest

Tournament organiser Nobby George reports 5 games last week (to 9th May):

Nobby George0-1Maha Chandar
Steve Dunleavy0-1Rob Sims
Patrick Pavey0-1Sam Murphy
Andrew Vagg1-0John Kooner
Steve Saunders0-1Steve Dunleavy
5 Ladder results in the week to 9th May 2021

Sam Murphy continues his reign at the top of the Ladder. For the full standings table, see our Ladder Page.

May the 4th: Ewok victory

The week also saw Mike Henbury (‘Ewokmike‘ on lichess) announced as the winner of the 11-Round Book Prize Tournament which was organised by Peter Przybycin. For more details see our recent Post about the winner announcement. And see the Book Prize Tournament Page for full tournament results – for every Round and every game.

Chandler’s Ford Central Club to re-open on Monday 17th May 2021.

The venue where the chess club is based, the Chandler’s Ford Central Club, will re-open on Monday 17th May. It will be fully open indoors but the Covid rules apply: the Rule of 6 and the 2-households Rule. Social distancing will be required and there will be table service.

Initially the Central Club’s opening hours will be 12pm to 10pm Sunday to Thursday, and 12pm to 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

A reminder for Members of the Chandler’s Ford Central Club to keep up to date with their Subscriptions: see the Central Club’s Subscriptions Page on their website.

See link below to the Central Club’s website for more information.

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  1. Hello
    I have a unusual question to ask you. It looks like I have the same chess set – Napoleon and the French, battle of Waterloo. If possible could you please tell me what is the brand name of it and by whom is made, just little bit history.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hello Piotr,
      Thanks for commenting. I have had the Waterloo Chess Set for many years (maybe 20+). As you can see it is large, so actually only comes out of the box quite rarely as it takes up a lot of space. I really like it though. The cardboard box is unmarked, so I don’t have a brand or make detail I’m afraid. I bought it in a collectors type shop in Southampton – I think the shop was called Situls or something like that – long since gone. I am glad you have the same set, it’s a very nice chess set in my opinion. Kind regards, Kev Lamb, Chandler’s Ford Chess Club.

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