Chandler’s Ford C draw with Southampton D – again

Malcolm Clarke reports on the Southampton D vs Chandler’s Ford C match on 5th February 2019.

For the second time this season Chandlers Ford C drew with draw specialists Southampton D who have now drawn five of their seven league games, but whereas the previous draw was a bit fortuitous on this occasion they deserved a spare of the spoils.  They went into a two lead with Rob Bird relegated to board 3 and Don Creasey playing on bottom board winning.

However they lost on the top two boards on which they were clearly outgraded and the match was drawn.  Rob Strachan also played a game counting for grading purposes only and he won with his game being the most interesting.  Having pinned the opposition’s queen with his rook the opponent tried a series of checks, but after several king moves he was able to get it to safety and once the threat of a draw by perpetual check had been eroded it was inevitable he would win.  Unfortunately Rob Sims was unable to complete a hat-trick of wins for players forenamed Rob as he lost on top board.  

On Tuesday Chandlers Ford A are at home to Andover B.

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