Chandler’s Ford ‘A’ beats Andover ‘B’

Malcolm Clarke reports on the Chandler’s Ford ‘A’ v Andover ‘B’ Division 3 match Tuesday 12th February 2019.

Chandlers Ford A team obtained only their second win in six league matches with both of these victories being achieved against Andover.

Both of Chandlers Ford’s top two boards David Holmes and Phil Overton were unavailable, so Peter Przybycin was bought in for his first A team match of the season and it was Przybycin playing on board 3 who gave his team an early lead after his opponent blundered a piece.  Graham Stuart on board 1 then agreed a draw, while Sam Murphy’s opponent was making his league debut and gave a reasonable account of himself until having thought he had forked Murphy’s queen and rook with his knight overlooked the fact that Murphy could move the queen with check and then pick up the knight.

David Culliford on board 2 agreed a draw, although he admitted that if he had his opponent’s position he would have carried on playing to try and force a win.  That left Dick Meredith’s game outstanding and he skewered his opponent’s queen and rook to win the exchange and give himself a decisive advantage and to complete the 4-1 win.

Next week both the Chandlers Ford A and B team are in cup action with the A team at home to Winchester on the Tuesday and the B team away to Hamble on the Wednesday.

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