Chandler’s Ford D beaten by Winchester D.

Malcolm Clarke reports on the Chandler’s Ford D vs Winchester D match 29th January and other news

Having beaten Winchester D twice this season, once in the league and once in the cup Chandlers Ford D were beaten 3-1 against the same opponents.  However the one consolation for them was Ian Parker playing a game counting for grading purposes only winning his game.

They went 2-0 down with Peter Stewart beating Nobby George and Brian White beating D Team captain Steve Dunleavy.  Only eight days earlier George had comfortably beaten Stewart in another Southampton League match.

This left the games between James Lesniak (Chandlers Ford) v David Green (Winchester) and Rob Strachan (Chandlers Ford) v Alan Weaver (Winchester).  In both matches fortunes fluctuated, but in both cases rooks were exchanged leaving the Winchester player with rook pawn and king against king.  Both matches were drawn, although Green managed to his king in front of the pawn and had clear winning chances when he agreed a draw.

Winchester B were beaten 4-1 in division 3 by top of the table Ringwood B with Robin Atkins on board 3 and Steve Kitley on board 5 both of whom drew their games being the contributors to their score. On Tuesday Chandlers Ford C are away to Southampton D.

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