Book Prize Tournament Round 8 Starts

Round 8 of the Book Prize Tournament 2021-2 starts, as organiser Peter Przybycin announces the player pairings for the Round.

Small Indian marble chess set

Just one Book Prize Tournament game was played this week:

Mike Henbury 1 Dick Meredith 0

Current scores:

Major section:

  • Keith Gregory 6/6
  • Graham Stuart 4.5/6
  • Mike Henbury 4/7
  • Sam Murphy 3.5/7
  • Eric Jones 3/5
  • Manoj Chandar 3/7
  • Keven Lamb 2.5/6
  • Peter Przybycin 2/6
  • Rob Sims 2/7
  • Dick Meredith 1.5/7

Minor Section:

  • Nobby George 7/7
  • Maha Chandar 6/7
  • John Kooner 5/7
  • Steve Saunders 5/7
  • Rob Strachan 4/6
  • Ian Parker 2.5/7
  • Geoff Parish 2/7
  • Lee Mundy 1.5/6
  • Rose Saunders 1/7
  • Steve Dunleavy 0/7
Nobby George v Maha Chandar in the Book Prize Tournament 2021-2, Round 7.
Nobby George v Maha Chandar in their key match in Round 7.

Nobby beat Maha (who ran out of time in a winning position) to take control of the Minor section. He now needs just one more point to clinch the book prize.

Book Prize Round 8 Pairings


  • Rose Saunders v Steve Dunleavy
  • Geoff Parish v Ian Parker
  • Steve Saunders v Rob Strachan
  • Nobby George v Lee Mundy
  • Maha Chandar v John Kooner


  • Rob Sims v Eric Jones
  • Manoj Chandar v Keith Gregory
  • Keven Lamb v Mike Henbury
  • Graham Stuart v Dick Meredith
  • Sam Murphy v Peter Przybycin

All the above games need to be completed by May 22nd if possible, when the final round pairings will be announced.

Please note: the Book Prize Tournament will end on Tuesday 28th June. No result will be recorded after that date.

All the best,


Rules Reminder

(for full list see the Tournament’s Page) :

  • Rate of play – 90 minutes each for the whole game.
  • The first named player has the white pieces.
  • Games will (preferably) be played over-the-board at chess club, or at the home of the player with the white pieces. Score sheets and clocks should be used.
  • Games may alternatively be played online, using Lichess, by mutual consent. Score sheets are not needed for online games.
  • Online games will not be sent for grading.
  • The Book Prize Tournament will end on Tuesday 28th June. No result will be recorded after that date.

Fareham Congress March 2022: Photos and Results

85 players entered the Castle Chess 18th Fareham Congress 18-20th March 2022, a record for Castle Chess. And 5 of the entries were Chandler’s Ford Chess Club players. Here are photos and some results from Fareham Congress.

Photos of the tournament

Fareham Congress

The Castle Chess 18th Fareham Congress was held at the Lysses House Hotel in Fareham, 18th-20th March 2022. The format was a 6-round Swiss, Round 1 on the Friday evening, the next three rounds on the Saturday, and the remaining two rounds on Sunday. The games had a rate of play of 75 minutes per player per game, plus 30 seconds per move. There were 3 Sections, and each section had a sub category by ECF Grading.

  • The Open, including the Premier (Under 2001 grade). Three Chandler’s Ford Chess Club players were entered in the Open: Keith Gregory, Graham Stuart, and Iwan Cave, who was 4th in the Premier category.
  • The Major (Under 1901 grade), including the Intermediate (U1751).
  • The Minor (under 1601), including the Challengers (U1451). Two players from our club entered the Minor, Keven Lamb, and Peter Eales, who won a prize in the Challengers. Great news for Peter as this was his first Tournament for 40 years.

Castle Chess were able to substantially increase the Prize fund due to the numbers of players that entered: 85 players, a record for Castle Chess.

For full results of all players, see the Castle Chess results page for the event via the button below:

Father vs son

In the Major, two closely-matched players who ended up with 4 points each inevitably had to play against each other: Richard Ursell and his son Adam Ursell. The two Highcliffe players drew in their Round 5 game.

Father v son Richard v Adam Ursell at Fareham Congress 20 March 2022
Father v son Richard v Adam Ursell at Fareham Congress 20 March 2022

A good cause

The organisers support a number of children in Zambia, and are pleased to announce that player donations during the weekend raised £186 to help with their school fees.


ECF 24-hour Charity Chess Marathon for Ukraine

The ECF are holding a 24-hour Charity Chess Marathon on in aid of the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal this weekend 2-3 April.

The English Chess Federation will be holding a 24-hour online chess tournament this weekend, 5pm Saturday 2nd April to 5pm on Sunday. You can play as much or as little as you like, dipping in and out of the event as it suits you. The time control is 5 minutes per player per game.

The event, on, is in aid of the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal via the British Red Cross. Everyone can donate with their entry or via the Red Cross Tiltify Page here – You can register from 4pm Saturday.

Details of the event from the ECF

To play

Make sure you are a member of – which is free to join.
The tournament starts at 5.00pm UK time on Saturday April 2. From 4.00pm UK time you can join at
Anyone can join free through the link above, but if you wish to be eligible for a prize please register first and donate £5.00 or more via the registration form found at As with all Arena tournaments you can play as much or as little as you like. You can even join late. The games are 5 minutes a side.


To be eligible for a prize you need to register first and donate £5 or more. There are various prizes, for details see the ECF webpage: ECF Charity Marathon for Ukraine – English Chess Federation

To Watch

There will be live coverage of the tournament at
The commentary team will include GM Michael Adams, GM Matthew Sadler, GM John Emms, GM Chris Ward, GM Jon Speelman, WFM Kanwal Bhatia, WIM Natasha Regan, IM Tom Rendle, IM Ali Mortazavi, and MrDodgy.


British Red Cross 24 hour Chess Marathon page on Tiltify. – the hosts for the event.

The ECF 24 hour Chess Marathon Page