Book Prize Tournament Round 8 Starts

Round 8 of the Book Prize Tournament 2021-2 starts, as organiser Peter Przybycin announces the player pairings for the Round.

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Just one Book Prize Tournament game was played this week:

Mike Henbury 1 Dick Meredith 0

Current scores:

Major section:

  • Keith Gregory 6/6
  • Graham Stuart 4.5/6
  • Mike Henbury 4/7
  • Sam Murphy 3.5/7
  • Eric Jones 3/5
  • Manoj Chandar 3/7
  • Keven Lamb 2.5/6
  • Peter Przybycin 2/6
  • Rob Sims 2/7
  • Dick Meredith 1.5/7

Minor Section:

  • Nobby George 7/7
  • Maha Chandar 6/7
  • John Kooner 5/7
  • Steve Saunders 5/7
  • Rob Strachan 4/6
  • Ian Parker 2.5/7
  • Geoff Parish 2/7
  • Lee Mundy 1.5/6
  • Rose Saunders 1/7
  • Steve Dunleavy 0/7
Nobby George v Maha Chandar in the Book Prize Tournament 2021-2, Round 7.
Nobby George v Maha Chandar in their key match in Round 7.

Nobby beat Maha (who ran out of time in a winning position) to take control of the Minor section. He now needs just one more point to clinch the book prize.

Book Prize Round 8 Pairings


  • Rose Saunders v Steve Dunleavy
  • Geoff Parish v Ian Parker
  • Steve Saunders v Rob Strachan
  • Nobby George v Lee Mundy
  • Maha Chandar v John Kooner


  • Rob Sims v Eric Jones
  • Manoj Chandar v Keith Gregory
  • Keven Lamb v Mike Henbury
  • Graham Stuart v Dick Meredith
  • Sam Murphy v Peter Przybycin

All the above games need to be completed by May 22nd if possible, when the final round pairings will be announced.

Please note: the Book Prize Tournament will end on Tuesday 28th June. No result will be recorded after that date.

All the best,


Rules Reminder

(for full list see the Tournament’s Page) :

  • Rate of play – 90 minutes each for the whole game.
  • The first named player has the white pieces.
  • Games will (preferably) be played over-the-board at chess club, or at the home of the player with the white pieces. Score sheets and clocks should be used.
  • Games may alternatively be played online, using Lichess, by mutual consent. Score sheets are not needed for online games.
  • Online games will not be sent for grading.
  • The Book Prize Tournament will end on Tuesday 28th June. No result will be recorded after that date.

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