Round 7 Book Prize Starts

The player pairings for the Book Prize Tournament 2021-2022 Round 7 are announced. Tournament organiser Peter Przybycin gives an update from Round 6 and the scores so far, and announces the Round 7 pairings.

Chess set casts shadows at Fareham Congress 19 March 2022

Hi All,

Two results this week.

In the minor section Rob Strachan beat Rose Saunders, and in the major section Eric Jones drew his round 5 game with Mike Henbury.

Current scores:

Major section:

  • Keith Gregory 5/5
  • Graham Stuart 4/5
  • Sam Murphy 3/6
  • Eric Jones 3/4
  • Mike Henbury 3/6
  • Manoj Chandar 2/6
  • Keven Lamb 2/5
  • Rob Sims 2/6
  • Peter Przybycin 2/6
  • Dick Meredith 1/5

Minor Section:

  • Nobby George 6/6
  • Maha Chandar 6/6
  • John Kooner 4/6
  • Steve Saunders 4/6
  • Ian Parker 2.5/5
  • Rob Strachan 3/5
  • Geoff Parish 2/6
  • Lee Mundy 1.5/6
  • Steve Dunleavy 0/6
  • Rose Saunders 0/6

Book Prize Round 7 Pairings


  • Rose Saunders v Geoff Parish
  • Steve Dunleavy v Steve Saunders
  • Rob Strachan v Lee Mundy
  • Nobby George v Maha Chandar
  • John Kooner v Ian Parker


  • Rob Sims v Manoj Chandar
  • Eric Jones v Keven Lamb
  • Mike Henbury v Dick Meredith
  • Graham Stuart v Sam Murphy
  • Peter Przybycin v Keith Gregory

Games to be completed by April 24th if possible.

All the best,


Rules Reminder

(for full list see the Tournament’s Page) :

  • Rate of play – 90 minutes each for the whole game.
  • The first named player has the white pieces.
  • Games will (preferably) be played over-the-board at chess club, or at the home of the player with the white pieces. Score sheets and clocks should be used.
  • Games may alternatively be played online, using Lichess, by mutual consent. Score sheets are not needed for online games.
  • Online games will not be sent for grading.

Castle Chess Fareham Congress 18-20 March 2022

Castle Chess have their Fareham Congress tournament (over the board games) on 18-20 March 2022. It will be at the Lysses House Hotel, 51 High Street, Fareham, PO16 7BQ. In this article, details of the tournament, plus poetic praise for the previous Castle Chess Fareham Congress from Gillian Moore.

At the time of publishing this Post, there were 75 entrants to the Congress, a huge level of interest.

The Lysses House Hotel, Fareham
The Lysses House Hotel, Fareham, venue for Castle Chess and HCA Congresses

Castle Chess have run a number of Congresses (tournaments) over recent years at this pleasant venue. Until the Pandemic, they hosted two Congresses per year at the Lysses, one earlier in the year, one in the Autumn. They return to this schedule, with the Autumn congress being set as 7-9th October 2022.

The Lysses House Hotel, venue for Fareham Chess Congress
The Lysses House Hotel, venue for Fareham Chess Congress

Tournament format

The format of the Congress is a six-Round Swiss: round one on the Friday evening, three rounds on the Saturday, and the last two games on the Sunday. Byes may be requested (except Round 6).

There are three sections:

  • Open: Under 2001 (=175 former ECF grade system),
  • Major: Under 1901 (=160),
  • Minor: under 1601 (=120).

The Congress costs £40 to enter, with a £7 discount for Juniors. Non-ECF members will need to pay £9 extra. There are also various accommodation packages – available through Castle Chess – if you would like to stay at the Lysses.

Tea and coffee will be provided for a donation.

Results of all games will be be sent to the ECF for Grading.

There will not be a Prize-giving ceremony as prizes will be sent via bank transfer, as was swiftly and successfully done in the the October 2021 event.

Castle Chess Fareham Congress 2021: The Major
Castle Chess Fareham Congress 2021: The Major

Rate of Play

The rate of play for the games is 75 minutes plus 30 seconds per move (about 3 and a half hours). All moves must be recorded throughout the game.

Photos of the October 2021 Fareham Congress


Castle Chess plan to run the event as a normal over the board weekend chess tournament.

Further information

Tony Corfe, 51 Borough Way, Potters Bar, Herts. EN6 3HA
Tel: 01707 661160 Mob: 07973 516718
email: or
or Marc Shaw 07947 813303

See the Castle Chess website’s Fareham Congress page: – 18 Fareham Congress

Poem: In Praise of Chess, by Gillian Moore

Return to over the board games
The congresses over the board
Are something I have missed,
And entering this one at Fareham
I could not resist.
Several times before, I’ve stayed
At the Lysses House Hotel,
Competing in the Castle Chess
At this hotel as well.
I’m coming back, and I am like
A puppy with two tails,
Which wags each time that I recall
The pleasure it entails.
For I am very overdue
For formal rated play,
But with a congress that is planned,
I’m heading soon that way


Castle Chess website

Castle Chess Fareham Congress 18-20 March 2022 Page

Venue: Lyssses House Hotel, Fareham

English Chess Federation

Gillian Moore’s poetry on Hampshire Chess Association website

C Team in 8-board Super-Match

The C team hosted Basingstoke C in the League last week. Both teams at double-strength for numbers of players – an 8-board super-match!

The fixture was in the Southampton Chess League’s Division 5, a home fixture for our C team, on 1st March 2022.

Extra Games

Chandler’s Ford C Team captain Steve Dunleavy arranged with his Basingstoke counterpart David Graham to have additional players participate, continuing a feature of the League’s Divisions 4 and 5 before the pandemic, in which teams could field extra players for grading purposes in the English Chess Federation.

The extra games gave both teams the opportunity to give as many players as possible graded games in match conditions – and against players from a club other than their own.

The Basingstoke C team had several junior players, and their parents brought them and were there to support them. Not that the youngsters needed much support, being very good players.

Basingstoke C's parents and relatives
Basingstoke C’s parents and relatives

It was great to see such a big attendance at the club: the 8 players from each team, plus the visitors’ families, plus more Chandler’s Ford Chess club players playing their various club tournament games. The double-sized match was the largest such event since before the pandemic, when Chandler’s Ford C and D teams played an 8-board match in January 2020.

Match result 2-2

The match was well-contested and ended with a 2-2 draw – for the match boards 1-4. The extra games played for grading and match experience saw the Basingstoke visitors win all the remaining games on boards 5-8.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. See below for details of the individual results.

BoardHome Team C. Ford C ResultAway Team Basingstoke C
1Keven Lamb0-1Liam Durangparang
2John Kooner0-1Harry Smith
3Peter Eales1-0Edward Yang
4Nobby George1-0Ojas Dhall
Chandler’s Ford C v Basingstoke C, 1st March 2022

Extra boards for grading and match experience

BoardHome Team C. Ford C ResultAway Team Basingstoke C
5Steve Saunders0-1Shams Dilly
6Rose Saunders0-1Adam Matthews
7Lee Mundy0-1Saksham Rana
8John Pellegrini0-1David Graham
Extra, graded games, Chandler’s Ford C v Basingstoke C, 1st March 2022


Southampton Chess League

SCL Division 5 match result report card

English Chess Federation

When C and D teams played their 8-board super-match