The Book Prize Tournament

The New Tournament, organised by Peter Przybycin, is now called the Book Prize Tournament. The tournament is progressing, and the First Round games have already been played. The games are played online at, and have a time control of 90 minutes each per player. It is an 11 round tournament, all-play-all.

Peter names the tournament

Fellow members,

As I mentioned before, I feel that the new tournament needs a name, and I have settled on “The Book Prize Tournament”. There are several reasons for this.

Being an “Internationalist” I don’t want to refer to any nationality in the name.

I don’t want to give it a name which includes Chandlers Ford in the title, because I feel that making it an official club tournament is something which should be agreed by the club as a whole.

I don’t want to give it a name that suggests there may be more in the future. My thinking is that, after the covid situation ends and we’re back to playing league matches, there will no longer be room for a fourth club tournament.

That said, it may be that there is sufficient demand for another OTB tournament, failing that a regular online tournament alongside all the over-the-board stuff, in which case I would call it the “Chandlers Ford Minor”, and supply a trophy rather than donate a book.

This is all speculation of course, and hopefully the options can be discussed at a future general meeting.

Best regards,

Peter P.

The Book Prize Tournament Round 1 Results

Rose Saunders0.5 – 0.5Mike Henbury
Geoffrey Parish0 – 1Keven Lamb
Rob Strachan1 – 0Don Creasey
Rob Sims1 – 0Steve Dunleavy
John Kooner1-0Steve Saunders
Nobby George1-0Suzan Dunleavy
Book Prize Tournament Round 1 Pairings

Round 2 pairings

Steve DunleavyKeven Lamb
Suzan DunleavyJohn Kooner
Rob SimsMike Henbury
Nobby GeorgeDon Creasey
Geoffrey ParishRose Saunders
Rob StrachanSteve Saunders
The Book Prize Tournament Round 2 Pairings

As before, the first named player has white.

Winner to notify me of the result. In the event of a draw, the player of the white pieces has this responsibility.

Please play your round 2 games by Saturday 12th December.

Kev, as ever, please feel free to post any of this info on the club website.



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