The 2020 Knockout Tournament

Steve Dunleavy announces the start of the 2020 Chandler’s Ford Chess Club Knockout Tournament.

The Chandlers Ford Knock Out Trophy
The Chandlers Ford Knock Out Trophy

The 2020 Knockout Preliminary Round Draw

Dear all the preliminary round draw (as carried out by Steve and Hanna Dunleavy 20/06/20) is as follows:

  1. Peter Przybycin vs Rob Strachan
  2. Don Creasy vs Rob Sims
  3. Rob Bird vs Sam Murphy
  4. James Daas vs Steve Saunders
  5. Patrick Pavey vs Kev Lamb
  6. Rose Saunders vs Peter Eales

7/8 byes- Steve Dunleavy and John Kooner

The additional guidance notes are as follows:

  1. All games can be played on the internet ( or, by email, text or telephone – or whatever format that is agreed by both players;
  2. All games played on the internet to have a 90 minute/player time control. Other formats can dispense with the time control unless both players can agree on a method to have a time control
  3. All players named first to play with white
  4. All games to be completed within 3 weeks(by the 11/07/20) and all results to be emailed to me as soon as possible thereafter, in the event of a draw the time period can be extended by another week(to the 18/07/20) but the game and result must be played/settled by that date

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