Overton takes the lead

Summer Tournament organiser Malcolm Clarke gives an update on this year’s contest.

Phil Overton is the only player with 3 points after 3 rounds of the Chandlers Ford chess tournament.  In the next round he plays Peter Przybycin who has 2.5 points after agreeing a quick draw with David Culliford who also has 2.5  points.

Phil Overton vs Peter Przybycin in Ladder Final
Phil Overton (left) vs Peter Przybycin (right) in a previous match when they competed in the Ladder Final on 18th June 2019

One round 3 game has yet to be completed, but six of the nine round 4 pairings have been made, with the other three depending on the result of the remaining games.

It is expected that the Southampton Chess League fixture list for season 2019/20 will be compiled in a couple of weeks time.

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