Online Chess; Gillian Moore to stand down as SCL Committee Chairman

Malcolm Clarke has two stories to report on this week: an online chess opportunity, and change at the top of the League Committee.

Although the Coronavirus has put over the board chess on hold until things improve there are still many opportunities to play chess online.

Ringwood chess club has instigated Lichess arena events for its club members, and  this is also open to members of other local chess clubs.  Further details of the events being organised can be found either on the Ringwood chess club website or by contacting the organiser

Gillian Moore is standing down as chairman of the Southampton Chess League at the next AGM. after more than 10 years of honourable service.  If local player or chess enthusiast wants to take over and carry on Gilllian’s good work the Southampton Chess League committee would like to hear from them.

Fraser McLeod receives the Individual Cup
League President Gillian Moore presents Fraser McLeod with the Individual Cup at the 2019 SCL AGM.

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