Ladder: final games soon to determine Champion

As the current Chandler’s Ford Chess Club Ladder tournament reaches its last week, its organiser, Nobby George, explains how the Ladder Champion will be determined – in his own inimitable style.

Hi Ladder People. The End is Nigh, The Tension is High, The Ladders’ been Good, Just like I knew It would, At the end of next Tuesdays’ Club Night , Looking down the Ladder from a great Height, will be the Top Three , the rest of us look up and what do we See, Its’ TWO PEEs and A DEE. 

Player at No.Two will play Player at No.Three. The Winner will Play Player at No.One, The winner of that will be the Ladder Champion for 2019/20.  The Loser will be sent Home.

The Rules for the play off will be the same as the Ladder Rules with the exception that colours will be decided at the time of the games between both players, (with the normal one of each colour pawns in closed Hands).

If a Game ends with a draw then a replay with a change of colours will occur.

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