Knockout Round 2: the Semi-Finals

The Knockout Tournament organiser Steve Dunleavy announces the draw for the Semi-Finals.

Steve Dunleavy in New York, October 2019
Steve Dunleavy in New York, October 2019 (photo by Suzan Dunleavy)

2020 Knock-out Semi-Finals Draw

Dear all the draw for the above made by myself and Suzan is as follows:

Game 1: Rob Bird vs Peter Przybycin

Game 2: the winner of the replay between Rose Saunders and Steve Dunleavy (played Thursday 27th August) vs Patrick Pavey

In addition to the above please make note of the following guidance notes

  1. All games to be played by the 25th September (4 weeks time), in the event of a draw (or if arranging the game proves to be very difficult) a time extension can be requested if needed
  2. All games can be played on lichess,,email, text, telephone, over the board or whatever format/medium that can be agreed by both players
  3. The player named first will play with white in the event of a draw colours will be reversed
  4. All games played on lichess and/or to have a 90 minute time control for both players games played on any other format can dispense with the time control unless both players can agree on a solution
  5. Please email me with the result of your game as soon as it has been played
  6. Enjoy your games and thanks for entering/supporting this competition in such difficult times
  7. Results are not acceptable to be sent for grading purposes

See the Knockout Tournament Page

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