Summer Tournament 2022 Round 2

Summer Tournament 2022 Round 2 player pairings are announced by organiser Malcolm Clarke.

The Summer Tournament runs during the summer, and is a 5-round Swiss format event is played between May and September. Usually in the Summer Tournaments, the winner’s name is engraved on the Kooner Cup and receives a replica of the Cup. The organiser is Malcolm Clarke.

Round 2 Pairings (and player scores so far)

  • Geoffrey Parish (1) v Iwan Cave(1),
  • Sam Murphy (1) v Keith Gregory (1).
  • Keven Lamb (1) v Graham Stuart (1),
  • Mike Henbury (1) v David Culliford (1),
  • Peter Przybycin (0.5) v Nobby George (1),
  • Pablo Vidal (0.5) v Rob Strachan (0,5),
  • Rob Sims (0) v Peter Eales (0.5),
  • Steve Dunleavy (0) v Lee Mundy (0),
  • John Kooner (0) v John Pellegrini (0),
  • Alan Weaver (0) v Steve Saunders (0),
  • Rose Saunders (0) v Ian Parker (0)

First named players white.

Summer Tournament 2022 Rules recap

  • The Games are 90 minutes all moves per player.
  • When the Round Pairings are announced, the first-named plays as white.
  • Notify Malcolm Clarke of the results.

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