Club Tournaments

Chandler’s Ford Chess Club has four club tournaments: the Summer Tournament, the Ladder, the Knock-out tournament, and the New Tournament. 

Summer Tournament.

The shiny Kooner Cup
The Kooner Cup and replica 2008

This is run during the summer, and is played in a 5-round Swiss format between May and September. The winner’s name is engraved on the Kooner Cup and receives a replica of the Cup. The organiser is Malcolm Clarke.

The Ladder 

Sam Murphy with Chess Ladder Trophy
Sam Murphy, first winner of the Chandlers Ford Chess Ladder: 2017-2018

The Chandlers Ford Chess Ladder runs  each year. You can challenge a player up to 4 rungs above you: if you win you swap places, otherwise you both stay where you are. At the end of the 12 months the winner is awarded with a trophy. The organiser is Nobby George.

The Knock-out

Steve Dunleavy, D Team Captain and Knock-out organiser
Steve Dunleavy

The Knock-out starts with a Preliminary Round, The subsequent Rounds reduce the field of players by half each round, until the 2 remaining players play a final to determine the winner. It is organised by Steve Dunleavy.

The Book Prize Tournament 2020 (online)

Peter Przybycin wearing chess mask
Peter Przybycin

The Book Prize Tournament started at the beginning of November 2020. There are ten players in this all-play-all (9 Rounds). The games are played online at The time control is 90 minutes each. It is organised by Peter Przybycin.