Book Prize Tournament 2021 Round 3

Book Prize 2021 Tournament organiser Peter Przybycin reports on Round 2, and announces the Round 3 player pairings.

Round 2 Report

In the Minor section John Kooner beat Lee Mundy, Steve Saunders beat Ian Parker, and Maha Chandar beat Rose Saunders.

In the Major section Dick Meredith was unlucky to end up with a draw against me (Peter), after having much the better of it for most of our game.

As in round 1, the Minor section looks likely to finish this round early. The last remaining game is Rob Strachan v Nobby George , which is understandable as Rob is currently recovering from injury and unable to attend at club. The Major section has three more games to play.

Update: all Round 2 games now complete, including Rob Strachan’s against Nobby George.

Pairings for Book Prize Tournament Round 3 are as follows:


  • Rob Strachan v Geoff Parish
  • Rose Saunders v Nobby George
  • John Kooner v Steve Dunleavy
  • Lee Mundy v Ian Parker
  • Maha Chandar v Steve Saunders


  • Mike Henbury v Manoj Chandar
  • Rob Sims v Graham Stuart
  • Peter Przybycin v Eric Jones
  • Dick Meredith v Keith Gregory
  • Sam Murphy v Keven Lamb

All games in round 3 to be completed by January 1st 2022.

Extra time has been added to allow for likely Christmas distractions and the loss of a club night due to Keith’s training event this Tuesday (23rd November).

All the best,


Rules Reminder

(for full list see the Tournament’s Page) :

  • Rate of play – 90 minutes each for the whole game.
  • The first named player has the white pieces.
  • Games will (preferably) be played over-the-board at chess club, or at the home of the player with the white pieces. Score sheets and clocks should be used.
  • Games may alternatively be played online, using Lichess, by mutual consent. Score sheets are not needed for online games.
  • Online games will not be sent for grading.


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