Book Prize last Round

The ninth and last Round of the Book Prize Tournament 2021-22 has been announced by organiser Peter Przybycin. The tournament ends on 28th June.

Chess set metal pieces on marble board

Current scores:

Major section:

  • Keith Gregory 7/7
  • Graham Stuart 5/7
  • Sam Murphy 4.5/8
  • Mike Henbury 4/7
  • Eric Jones 4/6
  • Manoj Chandar 3/7
  • Keven Lamb 2.5/7
  • Rob Sims 2/7
  • Dick Meredith 2/8
  • Peter Przybycin 2/8
Eric Jones, left, vs Keven Lamb, Round 7 of the Book Prize Tournament, 18 May 2022
Eric Jones, left, vs Keven Lamb, Round 7 of the Book Prize Tournament, 18 May 2022

Minor Section:

  • Nobby George 7/7
  • Maha Chandar 6/7
  • John Kooner 5/7
  • Steve Saunders 5/7
  • Rob Strachan 4/6
  • Ian Parker 2.5/7
  • Geoff Parish 2/7
  • Lee Mundy 1.5/6
  • Rose Saunders 1/7
  • Steve Dunleavy 0/7

Book Prize Round 9 Pairings

The pairings for this round include husband and wife club players Steve and Rose Saunders. They were inevitably going to play each other in an all-against-all tournament. Rose and Steve often play against each other, and online they have currently played over 2,300 games together! See our article when they reached the 2,000 milestone here.

Steve and Rose Saunders
Steve and Rose Saunders


  • Rose Saunders v Steve Saunders
  • Lee Mundy v Steve Dunleavy
  • Geoff Parish v John Kooner
  • Ian Parker v Nobby George
  • Maha Chandar v Rob Strachan


  • Rob Sims v Keven Lamb
  • Dick Meredith v Eric Jones
  • Manoj Chandar v Peter Przybycin
  • Keith Gregory v Graham Stuart
  • Sam Murphy v Mike Henbury

Please note: the Book Prize Tournament will end on Tuesday 28th June. No result will be recorded after that date.

All the best,


Rules Reminder

(for full list see the Tournament’s Page) :

  • Rate of play – 90 minutes each for the whole game.
  • The first named player has the white pieces.
  • Games will (preferably) be played over-the-board at chess club, or at the home of the player with the white pieces. Score sheets and clocks should be used.
  • Games may alternatively be played online, using Lichess, by mutual consent. Score sheets are not needed for online games.
  • Online games will not be sent for grading.
  • The Book Prize Tournament will end on Tuesday 28th June. No result will be recorded after that date.

New Knockout Tournament Announced

The Knockout Tournament 2022 , organised by Steve Dunleavy, has seen a record 26 entrants. It has a Preliminary Round plus six byes to establish the Round 1 players.

The Chandlers Ford Knock Out Trophy
The Chandlers Ford Knockout Trophy

With a record 26 entrants this year we have 6 byes into the first round and 10 preliminary round games to qualify for the first round. If you are defeated in your preliminary round game you are eliminated from the competition. This system will reduce us from 26 to 16, and then 8,4,2 thereafter(for both the major and minor competitions- winners and losers from round 1).

Byes to Knockout 2022 First Round

The six byes into the first round are: Keith Gregory, Lee Mundy, Rob Sims, Steve Dunleavy, John Kooner, and Nobby George.

The Preliminary Round

The 10 preliminary games to qualify for the first round are as follows:

  • Ewan Cave vs Geoff Parish
  • Graham Stuart vs Ian Parker
  • David Culliford vs Rob Strachan
  • Alan Weaver vs Kev Lamb
  • Steve Saunders vs Andrew Chivers
  • Rose Saunders vs Peter Przybycin
  • Patrick Pavey vs John Pellegrini
  • Mike Henbury vs Sam Murphy
  • Daniel Phillips vs Dick Meredith
  • Peter Eales vs Joseph Henbury

Tournament Rules

The basic rules relating to this competition are as follows;

  1. The player named first plays with white
  2. The clock to be set at 90 minutes for both players
  3. In the event of a draw the replay must be played asap after the deadline date with colours being reversed
  4. All games to be played at club other than Mike Henbury who can play his game online
  5. All results will be sent for grading
  6. The deadline date to play the preliminary round is the 8th June (i.e. 3 club nights 24/5,31/5 and 7/6, + 1 day)
  7. All results to be emailed to me Steve Dunleavy as soon as the game has been played. – Steve Dunleavy
Steve Dunleavy, organiser of the Knockout Tournament
Steve Dunleavy, organiser of the Knockout Tournament