Chandler’s Ford Chess Club AGM 26th October 2021

Czech chess set

The Chandler’s Ford Chess Club will hold its Annual General Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 26th October 2021. The AGM will be at the Club’s venue at the Central Club, at 7:30pm.

The Coronavirus pandemic meant there was not a 2020 AGM, but Chess Club Secretary Malcolm Clarke’s 2019 AGM Summary can be read here.

Agenda for the 2021 AGM

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of last year’s AGM.
  3. Matters arising
  4. Officer reports eg Secretary, Treasurer
  5. Election of Officers
  6. Fees for 2021/22
  7. Questions raised by Steve Dunleavy regarding ladder and history of club
  8. Plans for season with regard to tournaments and Ladder
  9. Any other business

Book Prize Tournament 2021

The new Book Prize Tournament 2021: bigger than the first Book Prize event in 2020, now with two Sections!

The 2020 Book Prize Tournament was contested in 11 Rounds, an all-play-all format with 12 players. Mike Henbury won the first Tournament.

The 2020 Book Prize

This year’s Book Prize Tournament keeps the all-play-all format, with the extra players due to its popularity (19 players!) being spread across two Sections, the Major, for players graded 1400 and over, and the Minor, for the players graded below 1400. Each Section has its own Book Prize.

Organiser Peter Przybycin announces the first Round of the new Tournament.

The Book Prize Tournament 2021

Hi All,

Entries for the second Book Prize Tournament are now closed, with one exception. At present Rose has a bye in the first round.


Rate of play – 90 minutes each for the whole game.

The first named player has the white pieces.

Games will (preferably) be played over-the-board at chess club, or at the home of the player with the white pieces. Score sheets and clocks should be used.

Games may alternatively be played online, using Lichess, by mutual consent. Score sheets are not needed for online games.

Online games will not be sent for grading.

In the event of a tie for first place, the book prize will be awarded to whoever wins their individual game. If this is a draw, a tie break game will be necessary, colours reversed. If there is still a tie, then the player with the lower most recent grade will take the prize.

In the unlikely event of me winning the Major section, the book will go to the runner-up.



1400 and over (playing for a copy of the book “Fire on Board” by Alexei Shirov).

  • Keith Gregory 2020
  • Graham Stuart 1773
  • Peter Przybycin 1758
  • Sam Murphy 1577
  • Manoj Chandar 1577
  • Dick Meredith 1450
  • Mike Henbury 1450 (estimated)
  • Eric Jones 1450 (estimated)
  • Keven Lamb 1420
  • Rob Sims 1413


1399 and under (playing for a copy of the book “The Art of Bisguier” by Bisguier and Berry).

  • Nobby George 1390
  • John Kooner 1368
  • Maha Chandar 1316
  • Lee Mundy 1250 (estimated)
  • Geoffrey Parish 1250 (estimated)
  • Robert Strachan 1150
  • Steve Dunleavy 1128
  • Steve Saunders 1068
  • Rose Saunders 970


  • Sam Murphy v. Eric Jones
  • Manoj Chandar v. Dick Meredith
  • Keith Gregory v. Rob Sims
  • Graham Stuart v. Keven Lamb
  • Mike Henbury v. Peter Przybycin
  • Maha Chandar v. Steve Dunleavy
  • Geoff Parish v. Lee Mundy
  • Nobby George v. Steve Saunders
  • Rob Strachan v. John Kooner
  • As yet unknown v. Rose Saunders

All round 1 games to be completed by Saturday 16th October.

Best regards,


Peter Przybycin wearing chess mask
Peter Przybycin, organiser of the Book prize Tournament.