Summer Tournament 2021 Round 5

Round 4 is now completed. Four of the games were played over-the-board on one club night evening, 17th August. Round 5 will be the last Round of this year’s tournament.

The 2021 Summer Tournament is one of two tournaments currently running in the Chandler’s Ford Chess Club (the Summer Tournament and the Knock-out Tournament). Round 4 of the Summer Tournament has now been completed, and event organiser Malcolm Clarke has announced the Summer Tournament 2021 Round 5 draw. See below for the Round 4 results in full, Round 5 Pairings list, and a quick recap of the rules.

Summer Tournament Round 4

Peter Przybycin0-1Keith Gregory
David Culliford0-1Rob Sims
Keven Lamb0-1Graham Stuart
Mike Henbury1-0Sam Murphy
Dean Shaw1-0John Kooner
Rob Strachan0-1Patrick Pavey
Steve Dunleavy1-0Geoffrey Parish
Dick Meredith0-1Maha Chandar
Nobby George1-0Rose Saunders
Steve Saunders0.5–Bye
Summer Tournament 2021 Round 4

Full details of each Round’s results can be seen on the table on the Summer Tournament Page which will be updated as the tournament progresses.

Summer Tournament 2021 Round 5 (final Round) Pairings

The last Round includes a husband v wife match! Steve and Rose Saunders battle it out this round.

  • Rob Sims v Keith Gregory
  • Graham Stuart v Peter Przybycin
  • Maha Chandar v Keven Lamb
  • Geoffrey Parish v John Kooner
  • Rob Strachan v Nobby George
  • Steve Saunders v Rose Saunders
  • Patrick Pavey v David Culliford
  • Mike Henbury v Dean Shaw
  • Sam Murphy v Steve Dunleavy
  • Bye: Dick Meredith

Tournament Rules

The Summer Tournament is organised and run by Malcolm Clarke. The Summer Tournament is usually 5, but sometimes 6 Rounds over the summer months. Each Round is usually completed within a few weeks. The winner receives the Kooner Cup for a year and usually gets to keep a replica.

  • The Games are 90 minutes all moves per player.
  • When the Round Pairings are announced, the first-named plays as white.
  • The games can be played online at
  • Notify Malcolm Clarke of the results.

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