Big Basingstoke Battle

A big battle for Division 5 dominance as Chandlers Ford D visited Basingstoke – and a big match anyway, played on 7 boards (4 match, 3 grading). Malcolm Clarke reports on that, plus Winchester C’s draw against the University; and a good tournament for Chandlers Ford player Keven Lamb (me! Thanks Malcolm!)

Chandlers Ford D team were beaten  2.5-1.5 by a Basingstoke team who are now strong favourites to win the Division 5 title.  Three extra games were played in this match which count for grading purposes only and theses were all won by the Basingstoke player.  In the match itself Nobby George was Chandlers Ford’s sole winner, while Rob Sims drew his game. 

Winchester C drew 2–2 with University C with their winners being Graham Payne and John Schonenberger on the top two boards.

At the Kidlington chess congress Chandlers Ford’s Keven Lamb won a grading prize as a result of obtaining three points out of five in the section for players graded under 120 and he won £20 having obtained 3 points out of 5.  Of Keven’s three victories at the event two were against higher graded opponents.  Marcus Harvey formerly of Southampton University won the Open section at this event.

Kidlington Chess Tournament
Kidlington Chess Tournament 1-2 February 2020: between game rounds

A good Week For A & B Teams

A good week for Chandlers Ford A and B teams with wins for both. Plus, the new ECF chess grades list has been published. Malcolm Clarke reports.

Both Chandlers Ford A and B teams won their matches this week.  The A team achieved their first win of the season when they beat Winchester B 3-2.  The fop four boards were all drawn with apart from Peter Przybycin’s game against David Kinsler on board 4 which was double edged all looked likely to be draws for most of the game.  This left David Culliford’s game against John Schonenberger on board 5 outstanding and Culliford had a two pawn advantage which he was able to take into the end game and he eventually won the game which he always going to do if he played correctly.

The B team won 2.5-1.5 at Ringwood to consolidate their position at the top of division 4.  The result was particularly meritorious as they were outgraded on all of the top three boards and by an average of more than 10 points overall.  Winners for Chandlers Ford were Dick Meredith on board 2 and Nobby George on board 4 with Sam Murphy on board 1 drawing his game. The players with the black pieces won three and drew one of the four games in this match.

The January 2020 grading list has now been published and players can view their new grade online.

January ECF Grades announced

The new English Chess Federation grades have been announced. The ECF Lists come out twice a year, at the end of July and the end of January. The January 2020 List should be used by team captains for determining playing strength and board order – see the Southampton Chess League website.

Chandler’s Ford Chess Club players have enjoyed mixed results, with some players increasing their Grade (James Daas and Sam Murphy both saw double-digit improvements: +26 and +13, and other players also improved), whilst some saw their grades slip a little.

Team, League, and County news

In his latest reports, Malcolm Clarke writes on team, League, and County news.

Chandlers Ford D whitewashed Chandlers Ford C beating them 4-0 in the Southampton Chess League.  It was the second time the D team had beaten the C team this season having beaten them in the division 5 cup, although the C team, won the first league game between the teams earlier in the season.  For this league match the C team were without their two strongest players in Peter Eales and Manoj Chandar, while the D team were able to field a team as strong as they have fielded all season.  However it was still a good performance by the D team with even Keven Lamb the C team captain who has enjoyed recent success in chess tournaments losing his game on board 3 to Rob Sims.  To add to the occasion four additional games counting for grading purposes only were played and of these two were drawn and the other two won by Dick Meredith and John Kooner.

Chandlers Ford C (left) v D team (right) Tuesday 14th January 2020
Chandlers Ford C (left) v D team (right) Tuesday 14th January 2020

Winchester C drew 2-2 with Andover B with Sam Rebdi winning his game for Winchester and Graham Payne and John Schonenberger drawing.

Former Chandlers Ford A team captain Chris Priest, Basingstoke’s Frank Bonsey and Bob Cleave were all in the Hampshire team that lost 11.5-4.5.  All three were amongst the bottom seven boards all of whom lost their games, but in fairness on all of these boards the Hampshire player was rated 20 or more grading points lower than their opponents., and over the 16 boards the grading discrepancy averaged approximately 18 points.

The division 5 cup final between Chandlers Ford D and Salisbury C will be played at Salisbury on Thursday 12th March.  Winchester A’s match with Ringwood B was postponed, but Chandlers Ford’s A and B team are expected to return to action this week.

New Year News round-up

Malcolm Clarke‘s New Year article, that appeared in this week’s Hampshire Chronicle print edition, reports on a good Rapid-play tournament for one of our players; plus Basingstoke and Winchester meet in the League; the outcome of a chess arbitration decision;and a party.

Chess Article

In the under 105 grading section of the Golders Green chess congress Keven Lamb captain of the Chandlers Ford C team and webmaster of his chess club’s website obtained 4.5 points from 6 games, a good performance. 

Golders Green Rapid-Play 4 Jan 2020
Golders Green Rapid-Play Chess tournament, 4th Jan 2020

In the Southampton Chess League Division 5 Winchester D are still seeking their first win after losing 2,5-1,5 to league leaders Basingstoke, with Alan Weaver being Winchester’s sole winner and Bryan White drawing his game.

As a result of James Daas’s game being drawn after being referred to an English Chess Federation arbiter Chandlers Ford D beat Salisbury C 2.5-1.5 in the Southampton Chess League.

Chandlers Ford chess club stalwart Steve Dunleavy hosted a party at his home on the Saturday before Christmas which was attended by several chess club members many of whom bought their partners and the guest list included the former Southampton footballer Nicky Banger, an expert pianist who has starred in Mamma Mia and a saxophonist who provided the music for the evening.  Steve, his wife Suzan and their daughter Hannah provided the hospitality for the evening.

League fixtures for the Chandlers Ford club resume on Tuesday 14th January when for the third time this season Chandlers Ford C and D team meet with both teams likely to have full squads to choose from.

Happy New Year to all our readers

D Team beats C team in Super-match of 8 boards

Chandler’s Ford‘s C and D Teams are both in Southampton Chess League Division 5, and have already met this season. Tuesday 14th January was the ‘return’ fixture, C team hosting (although both teams in their own home venue, the home or away distinction decides which players play with which colour pieces: the ‘Away’ side plays white on odd-numbered boards).

Chandlers Ford C (left) v D team (right) Tuesday 14th January 2020 (photo by Suzan Dunleavy)
Chandlers Ford C (left) v D team (right) Tuesday 14th January 2020 (photo by Suzan Dunleavy)

Division 5 fixtures are played across 4 boards, but the League permits an extra graded game for grading purposes. We stretched that facility to have not one but four graded pairings in addition to the League match boards 1-4. A big event for us: we’ve previously had two matches at club before against two visiting clubs, with up to ten of our players involved at the same time – but this was between two of our own teams, both at double-numbers: 16 players of our club playing at the same time! A super-match played over 8 boards.

Chandlers Ford C (left) v D team (right) Tuesday 14th January 2020
Chandlers Ford C (left) v D team (right) Tuesday 14th January 2020, photo by Suzan Dunleavy.

So how did the match play out? Well, a conclusive win for the D team, with 6 points to 2, with the League Match boards 1-4 a romping 0-4 win for the D team. This result propels the D team up to second place in Division 5, a great start to their second half of the 2019-2020 season. There were some surprises with a couple of out-graded players getting draws against their higher-graded opponents: Ian Parker against Sam Murphy and David Culliford against Graham Stuart. See full individual results below, and the match result card submitted to the SCL with match comments and results of the extra grading pairings.

Results Card 2019-20, Division 5 Super-match: CFC v CFD plus multiple grading pairings

Date: Tuesday 14th January 2020

Chandlers Ford C ECF
1 Maha Chandar
96 0 James Daas 95 1
2 Don Creasey
85 0 Rob Bird 103 1
3 Keven Lamb
0 Rob Sims 95 1
4 Steve Saunders
64 0 Nobby George 88 1
League Match result

0 League Match result 4
5 (grading purposes only) Rose Saunders


(grading purposes only) John Kooner

6 (grading purposes only) Dick Meredith


(grading purposes only) Steve Dunleavy

(grading purposes only)
Sam Murphy


(grading purposes only) Ian Parker


8 (grading purposes only) Graham Stuart


(grading purposes only) David Culliford


Total of the 8 boards
2 Total of the 8 boards

You may be wondering why some strong players weren’t in the top 4, match-board half of the line-up. This was to avoid eligibility issues now or later in the season, as the players would normally play for our A or B teams in Divisions 3 or 4.

Although I write as the captain of the losing team, I must say the event was a highlight of the season for me, seeing so many players of the club all participating in such a good atmosphere and showing flexibility to make the ‘super-match’ possible. A really enjoyable evening. Kev Lamb.

Chandlers Ford Central Club 2020 Subs due

Chandlers Ford Central Club
Our venue, Chandlers Ford Central Club

Membership subscriptions for the Chandlers Ford Central Club – the venue we play at – are due for renewal in January. Central Club membership is for the venue; chess club membership is a different cost – see the What does it cost? tab on this website for more information.

Chandler's Ford Central Club membership card with choc coins on chess board
Chandler’s Ford Central Club membership card: membership runs from January- December

We meet at the Chandler’s Ford Central Club at 2 Winchester Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 2FZ . See their Join Us section of their website for more information. Being a member of the venue enables easy access to the place, such as door entry, and registering your car registration, and access to the club’s facilities and events. Facilities include:

  • A well stocked bar including cheap beer prices
  • Various Bar Snacks
  • Free Wi-Fi

Membership runs January to December.
MEMBERSHIP: New: £38.75 | Senior Citizen: £27.25 | Renewal: £20 (£23.50 with CIU- Club and Institute Union – pass card); £8.50 for OAP, £12 OAP with CIU pass card.

See the Central Club’s announcement below for more information:

2020 Subscriptions are due

TUESDAY: 12.00pm – 1.30pm
FRIDAY: 12.00pm – 1.30pm &   7.00pm – 9.00pm
SUNDAY: 1.00pm – 3.00pm Members can now pay over the bar, however, you will not receive your card immediately. You would need to collect them on your next visit to the Club.


MEMBERWithout Pass Card *With Pass Card *
MALE/FEMALE £20.00 £23.50 
OAP £ 8.50 £12.00 
LIFE Not available£ 3.50 

* Note: Pass card enables entry to all other Club and Institute Union (CIU)


Curry Night: Knockout Trophy Presented.

Our social secretary David Culliford arranged a Curry Night at the Sunrise Restaurant in Chandler’s Ford: the Chandler’s Ford Chess Club Christmas Curry (the CFCCCC…) Steve Dunleavy presented the Knockout Trophy to Pete Przybycin at the meal.

The Chandler’s Ford Chess Club meets up for social gatherings a few times a year, with David Culliford organising the get-togethers. Often these occasions provide the setting for the presentation of one or more of the Trophies for the Chess Club’s various Tournaments. The most recent one was our Christmas Curry at the Sunrise Balti & Tandoori Restaurant in Chandlers Ford, on 12th December.

The Knockout Trophy was presented during the evening. The event was well attended, with 16 of us present, and was a very enjoyable evening.

Chess Club Curry Night 12 December 2019
Chess Club Curry Night 12 December 2019

Steve Dunleavy, the Knockout tournament organiser, presented the Trophy to the 2019 winner Pete Przybbycin.

Steve Dunleavy (left) presents the Knockout Trophy to Peter Przybycin
Steve Dunleavy (left) presents the Knockout Trophy to Peter Przybycin

Season’s Greetings

Malcolm Clarke’s latest chess club update: the Dunleavy Party, and season’s greetings.

With no Southampton Chess League fixtures scheduled for the two weeks immediately prior to Christmas it has been a relatively quiet week at the Chandlers Ford chess club, but club stalwart Steve Dunleavy hosted a party at his home on the Saturday before Christmas which was attended by several chess club members many of whom brought their partners and the guest list included the former Southampton footballer Nicky Banger, an expert pianist who has starred in Mamma Mia and a saxophonist who provided the music for the evening.  Steve, his wife Suzan and their daughter Hannah provided the hospitality for the evening.

League fixtures resume on Tuesday 14th January when for the third time this season Chandlers Ford C and D team meet with both teams likely to have full squads to choose from.

Happy Christmas to all our readers.

B Team at top of Division 4

Malcolm Clarke reports on the recent surge for Chandlers Ford B team to the top of Division 4; plus C team’s more declining progress…; also Winchester C v University C.

After drawing their first two matches Chandlers Ford B have won their last three matches and sit at the top of division 4.  In their most recent match they beat Andover B who have faded after a good start to the season, with their winners in a 3-1 triumph being Dick Meredith, Rob Bird and Sam Murphy on the bottom three boards. 

Chandlers Ford C in contrast have faded after a bright start to the season and were whitewashed by a Basingstoke team who out-graded them on every board, having in their previous two games been comfortably beaten at Salisbury in the league and by their own D team in the cup.  They nevertheless still have a 50% record in the league in terms of match points.

Chandlers Ford D v C in Division 5 Cup, 26 November 2019
Chandlers Ford D (left) v C (right) in Division 5 Cup, 26 November 2019

Wins on the bottom two boards by Alan Weaver and Sammy Rebdi earned Winchester C a 2-2 draw against University C.