The Ladder Tournament 2021-22

The new Chandler’s Ford Chess Club Ladder Tournament, 2021-22, is organised by Rob Sims. Sam Murphy set up the 2021-2 Tournament, and Rob Sims runs it.

Players may challenge up to 4 places above their own step: if the challenger wins, they swap places, otherwise they stay where they are. The time control for the games is 90 minutes for each player. The challenger has the white pieces. For the full Rules, see below.

The latest Ladder positions are shown in the table below.

The 2021-22 Ladder (14th January 2022)

1Peter Eales
2Rose Saunders
3Steve Dunleavy
4Rob Strachan
5Geoff Parish
6Steve Saunders
7Lee Mundy
8Andrew Vagg
9Maha Chandar
10John Kooner
11Dick Meredith
12Rob Sims
13Keven Lamb
14Nobby George
15Michael Henbury
16Sam Murphy
17Eric Jones
18Phil Overton
19Peter Przybycin
20Graham Stuart
21Keith Gregory
The 2021-22 Ladder, 14th January 2022


All games to be played on the clock, which will be set at ninety minutes and then played to a finish.

Players may challenge up to four places above their own step.

 If the challenger wins, he will exchange places with the loser, all other results then the positions remain the same.

The same players may not play each other again without first playing another player.   

Once a challenge is accepted neither the challenger nor the player being challenged may make or accept another challenge.

A challenge cannot be made more than seven days ahead of the game to be played.

The challenger will have the white pieces.

All games to be played over the board, other than games for Mike Henbury, which can be played online.

Please notify Rob Sims with the results of all games played.

Sam Murphy (left) is presented with Ladder Trophy by Nobby George 26 October 2021
Sam Murphy (left) is presented with Ladder Trophy by Nobby George 26 October 2021. Sam set up the Ladder Tournament 2021-22.